View Full Version : marathon crotch strap a problem?

03-14-2003, 08:47 PM
I'm considering the Marathon for my 2 1/2 yr old (she's @31 lbs and 36 inches) because her baby sis needs her Roundabout. I'm just wondering if the crotch strap being closer to the back of the seat has been a problem for anyone. My mom thinks that once Abby's potty trained, the strap won't be so snug against her (no bulky diaper). If anyone has any input or comments, I'd really appreciate it. I'd hate to spend the $250 and then end up having a hassle everytime I put her in the seat!

03-18-2003, 07:47 PM
I have my youngest child in a Marathon and she is in a diaper and we have no problem with the crotch strap at all. She is only 16 mos old but she is 24 lbs and 31 inches and is still rear-facing. I don't feel that the strap will pose a problem even when she gets bigger. Hope that helps.

03-25-2003, 03:44 PM
I have my 3 year old in the Marathon, and the crotch strap has been a minor problem for me. I always have to slide him as far back as possible into the back of the seat so that I can get the strap out to buckle him in. He is only 32 lbs, but is still in a diaper. Hopefully, when he gets out of the diaper (if that is before he gets out of the seat, lol) there will be a little more room, but right now it is much tighter than I was used to with my FPSE.

I think Britax either should have positioned the buckle more towards the front of the seat, or made the strap a little bit longer.

03-30-2003, 12:36 PM
The Marathon crotch strap is a little closer than some other models. This is not a safety issue, but it could be a comfort issue with bigger kids.