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04-09-2003, 11:41 PM
We are a long way from outgrowing our Roundabout by weight, but are there any height or other considerations for outgrowing this seat (head to close to edge, shoulders too broad, etc.) We recently moved overseas and the moving company has misplaced the box with our warantees and instructions (luckily the Roundabout is easy to install) so any help would be appreciated.

On a second, but related note; I've noticed LOTS of people here in Okinawa use the front seat for their children (actually, the majority of Okinawans don't use car seats at all!) The cars used here don't have airbags so that isn't a problem. Also the main roads are limited to 40 kph (just under 24 mph) so high-speed crashes are virtually unheard of. Are there other reasons for keeping your children in the backseat? What with all the head turning for crackers, sippy cups, and "uh-oh"s I sometimes wonder if it wouldn't be safer to have my daughter beside me. Any of you safety techs want to weigh in on this?

Thanks for your help!

Jen in Okinawa
Mom to Noelle (10/25/01)

04-10-2003, 09:04 AM
As long as your baby's shoulders are at or below the top harness slots and the tops of her ears are not above the shell of the seat, she should fit okay height-wise. As far as front seat versus backseat goes, I know I have always heard that in the majority of accidents, passengers in the front seat have a higher incidence of injuries than those in the back. If sounds like your circumstances are different than those of us in the U.S., so I'm not sure what to tell you about that. Good luck!