View Full Version : Car seat fit for leather seats

04-15-2003, 10:29 PM
The car seat I am currently using for my son (a Century a friend had given to me ) doesn't fit very well in the leather bucket seat of my '99 Olds Silhoutte (which does not have LATCH). Anyone have any suggestions as to how to keep the seat from slipping (I've tried a towel on the seat and the non-skid shelf liner to no avail)? Or would a different seat work better? I need another seat anyway (little brother is almost out of his now) and have narrowed my choices to either the Jupiter Komfort Kruiser or the Grace TurboBooster. Has anyone had any experience with fitting either of these into leather bucket seats? I would like to avoid having to buy two new seats, but if I need to dump the Century for something else, I'll do it.
Thanks for any help!!

04-18-2003, 02:31 PM
Keep in mind that non-skid liner can be handy to help you install a seat, but it will not hold under the forces in a crash. The carseat really must be installed tightly with a seatbelt to be safe. While a different seat may be the only solution, I would visit a local technician for a free inspection first. You can use the resources at http://www.seatcheck.net to find one near you.

Boosters, of course, are not tightly coupled to the vehicle, so the slipping aspect will not be much of an issue. Both those models are very nice, though I can't compare them for leather bucket seating in your vehicle, sorry.