View Full Version : Which boosters will work with lap belts only in rear seat?

05-06-2003, 06:18 PM
Our son is almost three. He is outgrowing his current seat and we need to move him to another one soon. He will need to be in a booster that offers a 5 point harness. I am trying to figure out which models will work with lap belts only on the rear seat as one of our cars is older and only has the lap belts (Ford Probe). I'm unsure- do all models work with lap belts? I am interested in the Fisher Price Futura 20/60, the Cosco Summit, and the Evenflo Comet. I want to pick the one that obviously works with the lap belts but also has the most bang for the buck and the best track record. Can anyone help? Also- any suggestions on seats I have not mentioned?

05-07-2003, 08:47 AM
If your child is under 40 pounds and still using the 5-point harness, then any of the "combination" booster models can be safely installed with a lap belt. All the models you listed would be fine. In fact, all harnessed seats are tested with only a lap belt to meet federal standards. Of course, some models may fit better than others depending on your vehicle.

For use above 40 pounds as a booster, you MUST have a shoulder belt for safety. There are alternatives to boosters for kids above 40 pounds if that is your situation. The Futura 20/60 is one of them, but it is very hard to find. See this recent thread for suggestions:


I hope that helps!