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05-10-2003, 12:14 PM
Ok, it's me again. I am still trying to decide on seats and have now looked at the three I was considering - the Husky, the Star Riser and the Comfort Cruiser. Our son is turning 4 and skinny but tall. He will soon be too tall for his convertible, but weighs only 35 pounds. We need two seats. I am seriously considering the Husky for our car. So my question there is - assuming it is a good install/fit, is a 5-point harness really that much safer than a good booser? We have a large Buick, so the Husky will not be a problem as far as being huge. Our 2nd car is a full size GM pickup with a tight back seat. There is no way the Husky will fit in it (and I don't even know if you can tether in a truck). I realize truck back seats are not ideal, but this is our vehicle and while we always use the car for road trips, etc. it is not realistic to say he will never ride in the back seat of the truck. I am thinking we will have to go with a booster in that one. Star Riser or Comfort Cruiser...any opinions? If it will fit, I am leaning toward Comfort Cruiser. Just looks like "more" and I like the idea of EPS foam. If it won't fit, I will have to go with Star Riser. Since he will have to then be on the left or right side instead of the middle, are there any stats on which side is safer? i.e. anyone know if there tend to be more collisions with someone plowing in to a car's right side, or left? Darren - I do see what you mean about Consumer Reports, their new report rates the Summit very well, yet I already see one parent review after another stating that the strap twisting is a nightmare.

05-16-2003, 08:40 AM
We recommend that kids stay in a 5-point harness all the way to 40 pounds. Immature kids that cannot remain seated properly may be safest in a 5-point harness even longer.

In a frontal crash, a lap+shoulder belt used with a booster should be as safe as a 5-point harness, provided the child is seated properly. The problem is kids (and adults!) tend to squirm, slouch, put the belt under their arm or behind their back, lean off to the side, lean forward, etc. Any of these things can really compromise their safety in a crash. A 5-point harness is a lot harder to "compromise", as long as it is installed and used correctly. Plus, the harness may also provide better protection in side impacts and rollovers.

So, only you can decide if he's mature enough for the booster or not. A combo seat with taller slots might last you until 40 pounds before switching to a booster.

As for right/left sides, the # of serious crashes is about equal.

As for the Summit, I have one:-) It's probably the nicest booster of all the combination seats. It's pretty typical for a harnessed seat, though. The straps do twist somewhat, but no more than some other brands. It's not hard to keep them straight. On the other hand, if your child is in a taller percentile for height than weight, it is likely they will outgrow the harness before 40 pounds on this model. I also have a Husky, and it's a great option if it fits in your vehicle.

If you go with a booster, don't forget about the new Britax Bodyguard booster. Though there can always be delays, I'd guess it will reach some retail shelves in June.


05-16-2003, 12:13 PM
You've been very helpful. Thanks!