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06-06-2003, 02:13 AM
I have a 4 year old who is about 41 inches tall and weighs approximately 38 lbs. We currently own a Roundabout and are in desperate need to purchase a larger seat NOW! I thought we had more time since I've read that they can still fit in this seat as long as the child's ears haven't breached the top of the seat; however, after a friend of mine spoke with a rep at Britax, he said that at any time a forward facing child's shoulders are higher than top slots - even a little bit - you need to get a larger seat. I was thinking the Marathon would be a good choice, but now after reading various postings I'm concerned about the height limit. Do you know if there is a limit because when I asked someone at a local store I was told that Britax doesn't list a maximum height on any of their seats. Obviously, I'm not looking to spend around $250.00 for a seat that we'll be lucky to get a year out of.

I also inquired about the Wizard and all three stores in my area said they are clueless as to if and when this will become available. One store told me that when Britax introduces new seats they may take up to as much as six months before the stores even get them and then they only get very few. Having said that, would you know the max. height for the Wizard as well?

Then there is the Jupiter KK. I heard all good about this seat. I really like the fact that it's a good choice for sleepers! My only concern is that I really, really want to keep that 5 point harness for as long as I can! I've always kept my carseat in the middle position and getting this seat would mean sitting next to a window/door using the shoulder belt - not as safe.

I'm all about safety and am almost to the point of shelling out the $250.00 for the Marathon - I just wish the Wizard were out now so I could compare the height issue. Any information you can give would be terrific. I have to say that I just don't understand the manufacturers........it's a no brainer that a 5 point harness is the safest bet in any situation so what's the problem with making these seats capable to fit taller kids - goodness knows there are a lot of us consumers out there that would be sold on this.

06-06-2003, 08:50 PM

I talked to Brad at www. elitecarseats.com. You can pre-order the seat on his site. He said he spoke with Britax earlier this week and they said that the Wizard would arrive sometime in June.

We have a 23 lb 22 mos yr old but want to get a back up seat . We would move our Roundabout to the back up and the Marathon or Wizard to our consant car seat. In the middle, of course! We want this next seat to last. Thought about a booster combo but frankly, safety is key and I want my kid in a sturdy car seat until 65 lbs. She may hate me but....

Anyways, our local speciality baby gear place really couldn't give us any resonable info. Brad had some helpful comments.

This appears to be the bottom line-
They are the same but the Wizard has more functionality.

According to the elitecarseat web site the dimensions are the same.

Brad asked me if I would be having two kids, of different sizes using the car seat. [no] If not, then the Marathon would serve equally well. Same seat just a wee bit more challenging to adapt accordingly.

He said he liked the Wizard when he had to adjust for winter clothing, but let's face it- You do that once usually.

We want a 2nd seat sooner then later so are going with the Marathon knowing it's still the best out there with just a few less easy manuveurs.

The quality is the same, but the functionality a little more progressive in the Wizard.

Finally- keep in mind, the Wizard was due out last year- 02. THey had issues with testing and that is why it still isn't out. Clearly they won't release until perfect but it makes ya think!

Hope this helps


06-07-2003, 01:49 AM
Thanks so much for the info.! Tomorrow we'll be paying a visit to our local store to check out the Marathon - to be sure we have ample room to grow as well as to make sure it fits securely in my Expedition. The store said we could use their floor model to see if it fit properly because they have a no return policy on car seats. If it looks like we'll get a couple of years out of it, we'll buy it for sure! (I'd be happy to get at least two years at this point.) Too bad they didn't have the Marathon when I originally purchased my Roundabout, it would have saved me all of this hassle.

I wasn't aware that the Wizard was originally due out in 2002. I'm glad you told me because it does make you wonder what "kinks" needed to be worked out. Of course, Britax stands by their product so I'm sure they want it to be just right.

Thanks again!!