View Full Version : Information Overloaded - Booster Decision Needed

06-18-2003, 02:14 PM
I've been researching toddler booster seats until I am thoroughly confused. We have a new vehicle with latch, so I want a toddler booster with latch. The Britax star riser and Graco Turbo seat don't have latch and don't need it. I have a 3 year old 38 lb toddler that has grossly outgrown his Britax Roundabout and is ready for booster. Somebody please tell me what to do! I've gotten too much information and now cannot make a decision. Any help at all would be appreciated - I need a shove in the right direction.

06-18-2003, 03:29 PM
Well, the SRC and Turbo are boosters only, and are not required to have LATCH hooks...all they do is keep the seatbelt properly fitting on the child, while LATCH replaces seatbelts in harnessed seats. Is your 3 year old mature enough for a booster, though? I know many are not, and 4 or 4.5 is more often recommended as the age when they can handle being just in a booster (younger than that, they are simply too wiggly and need to be "contained" in a harness to be safe...in general, at least, SOME 3 yo's can handle the freedom, just not many).
If you want to consider a seat with a higher harnessed weight, there are a few (that is LATCH compatible, too)...the Britax Husky harnesses to 80 pounds, the Marathon to 65, and the Safety Baby/Nania Airway harnesses to 50 pounds and then becomes a booster to 80...or if you want to look at a booster, the Britax Bodyguard is coming soon and has enhanced side impact protection and may do a better job of keeping little kids in their seat and upright when they fall asleep (check out www.britaxusa.com for more info on those seats, and www.babyage.com or www.coat.com for the Airway)
Does that help?