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07-11-2003, 01:41 PM
Hi there!
I have been reading these boards, and would just like a second opinion!
My son is 27 months old, and is 38 inches tall, and weighs 33 lbs. He is about to outgrow his roundabout. :( I love that seat!
I have a few questions:

1. Would my best option be the marathon? I just don't want him to outgrow the marathon before he's ready for the booster seat-- is it possible for him to outgrow the marathon before age 4??!!!

2. Since the Husky is not usable on an airplane... what are you supposed to use on an airplane if you buy this seat? I would like this seat, but I am concerned about that, as we travel occasionally.

3. I like the husky, but I am worried it will not fit into our small car- it is a little 2 door Toyota Tercel- will it fit into small cars? Will the Marathon fit?

4. We have lap belts in both of our cars in the back center seats. Do we have any hope of using a booster seat safely when the time comes? It was my impression that the booster seats require shoulder belts these days. DH does not buy the argument that we need a new car just so we can put in a booster seat, LOL! Would my only option be to get the Husky, then? (But it probably won't fit into the small car. What a dilemma!)

Thanks so much!! Your advice is invaluable, and helps save the lives of little ones. Just wonderful!

07-11-2003, 05:32 PM
(I feel like I'm the only one who comes here and looks for questions to answer! I hope no one thinks I'm a board hog!!! ;) )

I have both a Marathon and a Husky in a Toyota Prius (same as a toyota echo, and much like a Tercel...miniature!) and I think they fit fine...I prefer the Husky somewhat, since it sits lower, versus the Marathon up on a high base that seems like DD's head will get bonked more when she gets in and out of the car.
If you get a Husky, you could get a light, cheap harnessed booster seat to last him till he's 40 pounds (like the evenflo express can often be found for $40 on sale...)

But I also think you *may* have some more time in your RA...it's not outgrown till he's 40 pounds OR his shoulders are right above the top slots (the cover slips down, make sure it's not making the slots appear lower than they are), OR the tips of his ears are above the top of the seat...of course, if he's longer in the torso, and shorter in the legs, it's possible he has outgrown it, it's just that a lot of kids DO make it longer in that seat...like up to 42 inches tall if they are leggy.

As for when he's booster age (minimum of 4, but the longer, the better...my almost 6 yo loves his Husky!)...the new Britax Bodyguard has excellent side impact protection...so even though you must use it with a lap and shoulderbelt, which is outboard, there's an element of protection in it that a no-back booster simply won't confer (lol, or just tell your dh that safety upgrades are really the only reason to buy a new car...hey, it might work ;)...you have a couple-three years at least to think about it).

Hope that helps,

07-27-2003, 10:01 PM
We were in the same situation you were last summer (very tall child about to outgrown his RA), however the Marathon was not yet readily available. We went with the Britax Super Elite (similar to the Husky, but non-LATCH) and we LOVE it.

I drive a Honda Odyssey, so size is not an issue -- I can't help you with that question. We do not take the Super Elite when we travel, instead we take our Graco Turbo Booster to use once we get to our destination. Our son sits in the regular airplane seat without a car seat and does just fine. When we did take a car seat with us on the plane, it sat him up enough so he pretty much kicked the seat in front of him the entire trip despite us trying to get him not to. It was a royal pain in the butt to travel with the seat. From them on we checked the car seat with the luggage.

Sarah.....mom to Jason (3) & Devin (11 weeks)