View Full Version : What Booster to buy?

Mary Ann
07-30-2003, 01:40 PM
I am so confused. I have been looking at booster seats online all day and still have no clue which one to buy. I currently have a Britax Roundabout for my DS. However, he has now learned how to undo the buckle on the seat. He will be 2 in September but is big for his age. He is 35lbs and 36" tall. I have looked at the TurboBooster, Safety 1st Vantage Point Highback booster and the new Britax Bodyguard. I love Britax, but they are expensive (which really is the least of my worries) and the bodyguard says for children 4 years or 40" tall. Any help would be great! Thank You!

07-30-2003, 06:22 PM
Do you have the "puzzle buckle" on your RA? They give away a buckle cover to help keep little fingers from undoing the buckle. http://www.britaxusa.com/shopping.cfm?action=ShowProduct&pro_id=DD7AD309-28A5-4159-94C4329FDDA7FD07&pid=6DF8B039-B6D7-4461-A597367E0C5B9295&pro_opt_id=123D0E9E-72BD-4776-AC87CA8C3F755656&step=2
I would try to keep him in that seat as long as possible, or another harnessed seat, since he's really way too young to be in a booster(harnessed to age 5 is really safest), and may even be too young for the discipline technique that works to teach kids to keep buckled up (like stopping the car on the way to somewhere really exciting, or talking to him about how the harness keeps him safe and that he can push the button once you tell him it's ok once you are parked safely).
If he's going to hit 40 pounds well before age 4.5 or 5, I would strongly recommend keeping him harnessed in a Husky, Marathon, Wizard, or Nania Airway (a combo booster from www.babyage.com and baby depot that harnesses to 50 pounds and then is a booster to 80).

Hope that helps a little with your little houdini!