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08-22-2003, 01:10 PM
I am trying to figure out what would be the best car seat to to buy for a second car for my 3 year old. He is 32 pounds and about 36 inches tall. I want to keep him in a harness as long as possible, but am getting pretty stressed trying to decide what kind to buy. At first I thought a combo seat but it seems like most of them aren't that comfortable or have much padding. He still falls asleep in the car.
I hate to sound cheap (and would never sacrifice safety for cost), but we currently have a Britax RA that will also need to get replaced when he hits 40 lbs so I am trying to avoid spending a fortune if at all possible....what do you recommend? I was looking through previous postings and while the issues are similar, my concern is that my son's weight and height are on the low end.

Should I bite the bullet and get the Marathon, assuming that it will be awhile till he hits 65 lbs? Jupiter's KK sounds very appealing b/c it goes to 100 lbs, but has no harness, not to mention that he barely meets the weight minimum.

By the way, Evenflo's Appollo has been discontinued.
So, any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!

08-22-2003, 03:30 PM
The Apollo is gone, you're right...it's now the less-feature-packed Comet, and it's pretty bad for sleep support :(

I know it's a little bit tempting to look at belt-postioners only, like the KK, but he's really too young. You don't have a crystal ball to look at, but if he's anything like MY 32 pound 3 yo boy, he won't hit 40 pounds till he's 5 or so! (my boy is almost 6 and still barely 40, but he's *really* skinny).

Some of the better padded seats would be the Evenflo Chase and the Graco Ultra or Platinum Cargo. They aren't quite as padded as the Roundabout or Marathon, but few kids complain, and they are decent for sleeping. They have nice tall top harness slots, and should last him to 40 pounds, then you can use them as a booster after that (or retire the RA, keep him harnessed in your main car in this seat, and look for a good, long lasting belt-postioner like the KK for the second car...kids need to be in boosters till 4'9" and about 80 pounds, which is somewhere between age 8 and 12, so you'll want a good, big booster that will carry him through)