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09-02-2003, 11:52 PM
I have a 36 month old and she rides in an Ultra Cargo. I had noticed nasty bruises on either side of the base of her back. It was driving me nuts because I couldn't figure out how she was getting them.

I finally saw how it happened when I rode in the back with her...She has a tendency to really dive into her seat and she started crying that her back hurt immediately after doing this. I felt the back of her seat and the padding feels so thin, you can feel the plastic edge through it. That edge hits exactly where she's been getting these bruises.;(

Now, here's my question: Is it safe to add some foam or something behind the seat cover to protect her back?

These bruises look aweful and really hurt her. She can't seem to get it into her head that she needs to climb in more carefully. I'd just like to make her more comfortable. She went from the Roundabout to this because little sister needed the Britax rear facing.

09-09-2003, 08:21 PM
Hi. Adding padding to a car seat is not recommended since that padding has not been tested with the seat. You might want to try calling Graco and see what they say. The only other thing would to be a different seat. I'm not sure which seats have the most padding, but I can find out and let you know.
I guess just reminding her every time to get in carefully might help some. Sorry I could't be of more help...

Janice M. Mom to Cias-born 4/13/02 and forever rear-facing in his Britax Marathon.

09-10-2003, 09:14 AM
just wanted to give you an update....I was so fed up with that seat (twisting straps, bruises and all, that I went ahead and ordered a Marathon at Babyage.com for 209.99 plus 4% back from ebates. It should arrive today and I can't wait!