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09-17-2003, 09:25 AM
I need her RA for her baby brother. I would like to get a seat that is both a 5 pt. harness and belt positioner so that this will be the last seat I purchase for her (I'm in NJ and they have to be in a booster until 8 years old) My first concern is safety, and then comfort for dd. I'm looking at the Graco Platinum Cargo, but for some reason or another I'm hesitant. Can you either reassure me or advise of some additional seats to look at? In addition, can I get opinions on putting a 3 year old in a Komfort Kruiser? If I can get a good deal on a 5-pt car seat to use for a few months, and also get a good price on the Komfort Kruiser to use after I may go that route as I really like the KK.

BTW, one issue to take into consideration is that I am having major problems keeping my ds's infant seat tight, for some reason the seat belt won't "lock." I'm afraid that I will have the same problem with dd's new car seat if it's not a Britax with the locking system, but this time around I can't afford a Britax. Ugh, the problems!


Rebekah, Leah & Matthew

09-17-2003, 12:43 PM
The Ultra Cargo is a great choice, as is the Evenflo Chase. CPSTechs recommend harnessing for as long as possible, to 40 pounds and at least age 4-4.5, so I really wouldn't go with the KK just yet...she's just so much safer harnessed at this age.
I would look primarly at the harness, since that's the feature you will use daily and you want it to be smooth and non-twisty, with tall slots. The Ultra/Platinum Cargo has a VERY nice harness, including the push-button style front adjuster you have on your Roundabout. The Chase is also very easy to adjust, I was surprised at how nice it was! The Graco/Century NextStep is also quite nice, just make sure it has the front harness adjuster (on any seat you get, that's an important feature...I'm surprised it's not required by law!).
One thing to consider doing, is only using this seat as a harnessed seat, and getting a bigger, more comfortable booster for her when she's 40 pounds, and passing this seat down to your ds when he gets too tall for the RA or it expires (it expires at 6 years old, per the manual) The Ultra Cargo IS the tallest combo seat, but dedicated belt positioning boosters are often more comfortable, with better seatbelt guides, and are less "carseatish" for kids as they get older...also, there are several that are quite inexpensive, and more coming to market to choose from quite soon. The KK is a very nice seat, but so is the Graco Turbo, for only $40 on sale, $50-$60 normally. Anyway, that's just an idea :)

09-17-2003, 02:19 PM
Thank you very much for the information.