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09-20-2003, 10:23 PM
Hi. We are in the market for a new car (leaning toward a Subara Outback) right now. Whatever we choose will be LATCH compatible, so we are planning on buying a new infant seat for our baby-to-be (due in Dec.) and a new seat for our toddler.

We'll probably go with the Snugride for our new baby, though I'm willing to consider the new adjustable Latch-Loc seat (don't know if I'd like this because of the weight factor). I'm more confused about what to do for our toddler. We currently have a non-LATCH Roundabout which we love. We're wondering whether we should replace it with a LATCH Roundabout or go for the Marathon. I am hesitant about the Marathon because of its size. We can still use our non-LATCH Roundabout for airline travel, so that's not an issue, but the Marathons just seem so big, bulky, and heavy. I can't imagine dealing with it if we do have to shift it from car to car.

Our toddler is not huge--he is 2 years and 5 months, weighs approximately 29 lbs. and is roughly 34 inches tall. He tends to run 25th percentile for height and just above that for weight. Based on the fact that we have a small(ish) child, do we need a Marathon, or might he be ready for a high-back booster by the time he outgrows the Roundabout?

Thanks for any advice you can provide.

& Jack, 4/20/01
& Little-brother-to-be, e.d.d., 12/15/03

09-21-2003, 09:47 AM
If you are happy with the way your toddler fits in the roundabout, there isn't any reason you have to replace it. It is perfectly safe to use a non-latch car seat (as long as you properly install it obviously). I would keep him in the roundabout, get an infant seat for the baby....and then decide what to do when the baby is about to outgrow the infant seat.