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11-09-2003, 10:27 AM
Just wanted to put out a question... I am looking for a convertible seat for my 3 1/3 year old dd - weighs 35# and is 40" tall. I am looking at the Cosco Summit High Back Booster (Eddie Bauer), the Graco Platinum Cargo, and the Evenflo Comet. I wasn't impressed with the padding in the Cargo, but I've read the Ultra might be better (Target didn't have this one). But, the Cosco Summit was there for $119 and it felt pretty good. My question is this...will I run out of height adjustments on this one? I know Julie has said Cosco seats are a problem with this so I just wanted to ask if people have experienced that. I think the Summit was the only one CRpts. recommended w/o reservation in 5/03 so I like that. Is the Eddie Bauer one the same? They had model 22-260 on the report, but they look exactly the same. My big concern with the Comet is how upright it looks. Does it recline at all? Haven't seen it in person, but it is kind of ugly (IMO) in pictures. I do like the EPS foam though. My dd does still fall asleep in the seat so I like the recline of the Graco and the Summit.
Any thoughts, comments, recommendations would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance!
Also, Has anyone evaluated the new Cosco AO Eddie Bauer Elite (up to 100# booster). It still has the slack issues I'd imagine...they should put the open guides like the Summit has on it (IMO). But, it sure is pretty.

11-09-2003, 05:24 PM
At 40 inches, I'd be surprised if your kiddo's not too tall already for the Summit...the top harness position can't be used with the harness, so in effect, the top slot is 15 inches, the same as a convertible seat (the Cargo, Comet, Chase, Nextstep, Airway, all have 17 inch slots).

The Alpha Omega Elite *seems* to have higher slots, better tether, slightly less twisty harness straps, and a better adjuster than the old AO. My 41 inch dd was at the second from the top usable slots (darn, should really remember to take my tape measure), but I found the headrest adjustment to be impossibly difficult! You push the tabs to unhook the metal in the back, but you can't see what you're doing, and they keep getting stuck... I dunno...I guess you wouldn't have to adjust the straps a lot, but it was really maddening...

Have you seen the really new platinum cargo? its more padded than the old version...definitely worth a look. And the Chase is pretty nice, and is good as a booster later, IMO.


Julie CPS Tech and mom to 2 in seats