View Full Version : 2 yr 8 month old too tall for harness seats

01-01-2004, 04:34 PM

I have a 2 yr 8 month old boy who is too tall for harness seats (shoulders above the slots), though his height still falls within the allowed range - he is just very long in the torso. He weighs about 34 pounds. I've been considering a backed booster, though I know they're not recommended until at least age 3, because he doesn't fit into the other options - recommendations anyone?


01-02-2004, 03:14 PM
He would probably fit fine in a non-Cosco harnessed booster (Cosco/Eddie Bauer/Safety First harnessed booster seats have 15 inch tall top slots, while Evenflo and Graco harnessed boosters have 17 inch tall top slots, and my 47 inch tall 6 yo still fits in them, so I can't imagine even a tall 2 yo NOT fitting in them)
I would look at the Graco Ultra or Platinum Cargo, or the Evenflo Comet or Chase or Express or Vision...those are all nice seats that can be harnessed to 40 pounds and then become a booster that will fit him heightwise till age 6 or 7...maybe a little longer.
2 is really too young to be in a belt postioning booster...not only because it's hard for a two year old to sit still and not be tempted to unbuckle the seat, but they are very floppy sleepers, and can flop right out of the seatbelt. I also like to see kids get a more developed skeletal system and broader shoulders before they depend on just one little shoulder to hold back that relatively large head (even my 4 year old doesn't look nearly as developed in the shoulders as my 6 year old, and I keep her harnessed most of the time because of it).
Anyway, I just re-read your question, and *assumed* you meant a backed booster was a Graco Turbo, Britax Bodyguard, or Evenflo Big Kid...but if you meant harnessed booster, then I'm sorry <blush>...any child from 20/22 pounds and one year is safe in a 5 pt harnessed booster/combo seat :)
Julie CPS Tech and mom to 2 in seats