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07-09-2004, 09:19 AM
My 3 year old weighs 30 pounds and is 36 inches tall and has been in the Britax Roundabout. I have a 6 month old who I want to put in her Britax and get her a new car seat. Since she's on the smaller side, I don't think she's ready for a booster seat so I bought her the Graco Ultra Cargo. However I notice that it sits much lower than the Britax and she can barely see out the window. Does anyone else have this experience? Are all non-Britax car seats this low or can anyonen recommend a toddler to booster seat that sits higher. I don't want to get the Britax Marathon for her because it's so bulky.

07-09-2004, 08:19 PM
The only combo seat that's tall is the Cosco Summit, and it's sort of bulkier than the Marathon--the base is really huge on it (plus it has lower top slots and won't last as long as the Ultra Cargo, heightwise). But, it sits up high, and she may well have enough growing room in it (harness height is the same as the RA, really) to stay harnessed till 40 pounds and age 4, so if you want to look at it, you should. The other seat with tall top harness slots is the Evenflo Chase, and it's low like the Cargo, too, unfortunately.
The MA is pricey and a bit large, but you could install it rearfacing and reap the safety benefits of that for about another year or so (see the link in my sig for more info on that...I bought our MA for my 30 pound 3 yo to rearface, and she LOVED it!)
Or maybe you could install your Cargo in the middle, so she could see out the front window better?
Julie CPS Tech and mom to 2 in seats