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08-13-2004, 02:15 PM
Hi ladies,
My 21mo DS is a little peanut for his age, he's 25lb6oz and is 31 inches tall. He's currently riding RF in a RA I bought last spring; was the very last of the non-LATCH seats at my local Zany Brainy at that point. After reading about the Marathon, I'm wondering if I should maybe be thinking of getting him one for the higher weight/height limits fwith the 5pt harness. He's so small and his growth curve is normal, so we're not "expecting" him to shoot up eight inches, lol, so I'm wondering if this is a reasonable thought, $$wise. I spent $125 on the RA, and LOVE IT, worth every penny (Big Cat print, and goes GREAT with the tan leather in my Volvo wagon), but if the MA would be a worthwhile purchase, I'm certainly going to try to get one for him soon. TIA!

Jessica, mama in MD to
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08-16-2004, 11:13 PM

Lucky you to have such a wonderful situation.

My daughter outgrew her RA by 26 months so we had to purchase the MA since it was the only option w/ 5 pt harness. She still loves the Safari print and tries to sit in the RA whenever she can now.

My suggestion is to stick with the RA until you need to consider another seat. Car seat technology changes so much from year to year that an even better MA or other seat may be available at the time you need it. Don't waste good money on the MA or the storage space for the RA if the current seat still works for you!

Take care,

08-18-2004, 11:12 AM
I'd wait. Use the RA as long as she fits in it, and buy a MA if you need it down the road. We're in a similar position, and decided to wait on the MA because you can only use it for six years past the manufacture date. If I buy it now but the RA works for another year, we've lost a year of use of the MA (or the RA, if we throw that in the closet instead).