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10-01-2004, 11:47 AM
My sister just found out that her DD who is 3 years, 1 month, has passed 40 pounds, so she needs to replace her RA immeditely. I am urging her to continue to harness her because I have read here that 4.5 should be considered a minimum age for a belt-positioning booster. Is this because a 3-year-old may not be mature enough to keep the belt in place or for other reasons? My sister is considering buying a booster and telling her DD she must wear the belt right or has to go back into a harness, but I am not sure that is the best option.

The best choices for continuing to harness seem to be a Wizard (she's also really tall, so a better choice than a Marathon, right?) or Husky. I'd lean toward the Husky because she is so tall (they drive a big SUV, so size isn't an issue there), but they also fly frequently. For those who use a Husky, what do you do when you fly? Just check the seat and let the child fly with the seat belt alone (my niece has already done this, actually).

And am I correct that all these seats are designed to be used with a harness only? So when they do let her use the seat belt, they will need to switch again (but by then could buy an inexpensive backless booster?).


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10-01-2004, 12:20 PM
Well, seems like you have it all worked out!

I think the best case scenario would be a Husky and a Compass B500 for a spare and travel (It folds up for easy travel-of course to go in the overhead compartment- and it's a little more roomy than, say, the Turbo Booster).

Yeah, the main reason to keep 3 yo's harnessed is because they are too wiggly. I also find with my younger dd, that she has to barely lean to be OUT of the shoulderbelt. As they get taller and wider, like my older ds, they have to lean a lot more to get their shoulders out of the belt, so they are generally better protected. Also there's the issue of relative head size and skeletal development...a three year old's head is bigger in relative size to his body than older kids or adults...sometimes I wonder how that one tiny shoulder can hold back that big head in a booster. Also, 3 yo's are FLOPPY sleepers..most of them fall right out of the belt and those headwings, while great napping support for a 5+ child, don't do diddly for a floppy three year old.

So...think you can put those musings to good use to convince her to keep him harnessed? Maybe make a deal with her to buy her Husky from her in a couple years for your own kids ;)

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