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10-05-2004, 02:22 PM
Making a hard decision, please advise, child is 5 1/2, 41 or 42 pounds, 44 inches tall...Husky vs. Bodyguard...that much difference, safety wise? Where would a Husky be tethered in the 2nd row of an SUV...don't see anywhere to tether to.
Also, Right Start employee showed me a new(?) RideSafer Travel Vest by Safe Travel Systems, said the manufacturer claims it recently tested better than ALL boosters by the natl highway safety, but on their site (latest comparison of seats seems to be July 2004) I could not find any mention of this product. Has anyone else heard this? I am very skeptical at this point, and not really even considering the vest, I was just curious if anyone else has heard this claim (by someone other than the manufacturer of the vest).
Thank you!

10-05-2004, 04:50 PM
I've seen the vest at the store where I work and a presentation at a conference. Yes, it passes the tests, but it provides no side impact protection, as the Bodyguard or Husky would. It's a great solution for some cars with lapbelts only, or for a tight situation with three kids across, but might not be the easiest solution for day to day use. I know a mom with one and all have her drop by and give her 2 cents worth :)

What SUV do you have? Have you checked the manual for tether locations?

I have both the Bodyguard and the Husky, and we like them both, and I feel that both are very safe. If your child is exceptionally wiggly, then the Husky might be a better choice, but the BG is also quite restrictive and is a sturdy and secure booster that is tested for side impact protection. Does your child have an opinion? That can be important sometimes, to listen to what they like and will happily sit in.

Julie CPS Tech and mom to 2 in seats

10-05-2004, 11:09 PM
I am embarressed to say I think you have helped me recently before...(probably on a different board)...and I haven't made a decision yet...other than go to the store and actually look at the Bodyguard again. I know our son has outgrown the Century combo harness booster we were using...which I never did intend to use in booster mode...I was just trying to keep him harnessed as long as I could in the back seat of a truck that was a tight fit. Now trying to figure out safest scenario for a Honda Pilot. Have not checked the manual for ability to tether (how could there not be??) but I will...and yet, I don't see what on earth there is to tether TO back there! Meanwhile the Right Start lady really threw me for a loop when she mentioned that the manufacturer of the vest is claiming it tested better than any booster currently on the market (including Bodyguard). Meanwhile right now he is sitting in a plain backless booster, which I had purchased for emergencies and rental cars, after we rented a seat from one of the rental car places once and I realized the guy knew absolutely NOTHING about their choices of seats, much less how to use them properly. We have a Husky in our other vehicle but it is a VERY, VERY tight fit and I have not received our replacement for the recalled strap...nor can I reach Britax on the telephone (lines appear to still be jammed), which has been very frustrating, although our Husky seems to be ok, I do want the replacement strap.

10-05-2004, 11:26 PM
LOL, well, I hope my answers were consistent!
It's not hard for a vest to test better in the standard testing than a seat. It's because of how the dummy's movement is measured from a point behind the seatback, and since the dummy starts from way down and back, right next to the seatback, it doesn't move as far forward as the dummy in the booster or harnessed seat (I don't think that makes all the sense I want it to make... try www.carseat.org under "technical" and "head excursion" if you are super-curious, lol).

Oh, yeah, your Pilot definitely has tether anchors, but I have no idea where they are, either.

I think if your ds is doing ok in the backless booster, then he'd do great in the Bodyguard, and it will last a little longer than the Husky...unless you really love your other Husky and want two?

My kids truly adore their Bodyguards, anyway :)
Julie CPS Tech and mom to 2 in seats

10-06-2004, 02:20 PM
You are ALWAYS very helpful! (CPS Darren is, too). Our son is sitting properly in this booster, but I placed it in there knowing it was temporary while I aggressively try to make up my mind. Right now he is basically going 2 blocks either to or from school in it, and that's about it. I do like the Husky (in our other car) though our son sometimes complains about it not being comfortable on his back (I don't see how that is possible, though). Anyway, I will make a decision soon. THANK YOU!