View Full Version : Need some car seat advice for dd

01-25-2005, 03:23 PM
DD is currently in the Britax RA. She's 3.4 yo, 32 pounds and 38 inches. It's fine and we all love that seat BUTTT.. (there's always a but isn't there...)
We're going to be buying a Honda Odyssey in a few months. The RA we have isn't the latch kind so I want to get her something newer. We're expecting twins in Sept. so anything we buy now will be put to future use.
I was thinking about the Britax Husky but also would consider any other brands. I don't know anything about any other brands though because I've always thought Brtax was the best.
Any suggestions.

01-25-2005, 10:48 PM
Hehehe, yeah, there's always a big but....

I might be inclined to go with the Marathon or Wizard. The Roundabout fits so well without latch, there's seriously no reason just to upgrade for that reason, though. If you go with the MA/WZ, then you'll have two convertibles for the twins later. Then you can see, when they outgrow the infant seats, whether you think you want to go with a Husky or a booster for her at that point.

The harnessed boosters are ok choices, too...but since you're going to need another convertible, I'd be hunting around for Marathon bargains ;)

Julie CPS Tech and mom to 2 in seats