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01-31-2005, 07:31 PM
Hi..... I'm doing my research on boosters now. My DD is 3 and my 7 month old is growing out of her infant carrier (Peg Perego). So she will go into our Britax Round About and we're looking to purchase another seat. I know we need another 5 point harness.... she's only 30 lbs. The Britax Husky is too monsterous. The Marathon looks too much like the RA. I came across the Nania Airway LX... a good French manufacture, I believe. The great thing is it has a 5 point harness and then coverts to a booster. Our other choice is the Graco Platinum CarGo. Opinions? Thanks!!

01-31-2005, 09:36 PM
It's been out a couple years. It's quality, unfortunately, was exceedingly poor, and while there are still a few for sale, they are not in production, and Nania's been bought out by Combi. We are now expecting the next generation seat, the "Acadia" sometime in the next couple months (too late for you...darn!).

So what's wrong with the Marathon looking too much like the Roundabout? It's a great seat if it's in your budget, and it has all the quality you're used to, and it has higher top slots than any seat besides the Husky. You can use it for your dd for a couple years, then hand it down to your ds and get your dd a NICE booster (the combo boosters are fairly crappy as boosters, you'll want a booster that wasn't a harnessed seat to begin with, it'll work much better).

My dd is 5 now, and has simply adored her Marathon for the last 2.5 years she's owned it...we are both sad she only has less than a year left till she's too tall for it :(

Other terrific choices to use harnessed, assuming your ds isn't going to need the higher weight limits of the Marathon or Husky, would be the Graco and Evenflo harnessed boosters (they have so many names now I can't type them all out, but they are all good, so you can choose among them and be assured they are fine...tall top harness slots and front harness adjusters--except for the Treasured Cargo), and the Safety First Intera...if you dig the puzzle buckle on that, and take the booster/base off the bottom, it's really a nice seat.

So pop on down to Babies R Us and try out the Evenflos and Gracos or the Intera or even the Marathon or Wizard (big kids actually tend to love the "pillows" if parents don't sneer and insist the headwings are terrible...oh, it drives me nuts when parents won't just let kids have their own opinion, lol).

Good luck, I'm sure it shouldn't be hard for you and your dd to find a seat you both love :)
Julie CPS Tech and mom to 2 in seats

02-11-2005, 01:56 AM
We have a couple of Nania Airway seats. We want to keep DD harnessed until she's at least 4, but she was 40 pounds at 3, so that limited our choices to the Airway and the bigger Britax seats. So, we bought a Marathon for my car (that she's in 90% of the time) and the Airways for Daddy's and Nana's cars. The Airways are cost-effective, and she seems fine in them, but they're noticeably harder to install and adjust than the Marathon, and lack the niceties of padding and finish that the Marathon has. The ability to convert into a booster is a selling point, but it's more likely that her little brother will need the harnessed seat by then and we'll have to get her a regular booster, anyway.