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01-03-2006, 10:24 PM
Our petite six-year old is nearing the 40 lb mark and will need a booster soon, she's about 44 inches tall. Cost isn't a great facter--we are most concerned with safety and comfort. The booster would be used in a '99 Honda CRV and rare occasion a '03 Honda Pilot.

She's currently in a Britax Roundabout which we love - head support, comfortable (where's the padding in the boosters?) and it seems so much more secure than booster seats. From what I've read a booster with a back is better than just the base kind.?

She usually doesn't fall asleep in the car unless we go on a long trip or after a long, busy day. I've seen pillows (some with "wings") that you can attach with elastic bands to the top of the booster. Are these effective? - safe?

Also, what about when traveling via plane? Should we check our booster or can we trust what the rental agencies offer?

Your expert advice is truely appreciated!

01-04-2006, 03:50 PM
Really you should try and keep her harnessed as long as possible. Each time your child graduates to the next type of car seat it is a step down in safety. Your options for harnessed seats that go beyond 40lbs are:

Britax Marathon/BV/Decathlon (convertible seat, doesn't convert to a booster, good up to 65lbs, Top slots are 18")

Britax Regent/aka Husky (forward-facing only seat, good up to 80lbs, top slots higher than the MA/BV/Decathlon, given your dd's size/weight currently this will probaby expire well before she reaches the weight limit. (It will be the last seat she will ever need).

Sunshine Kids Radian - harnesses to 65lbs, convertible, airline approved. You can see this one at http://www.skjp.com (new on the market but supposedly "over" engineeered and they are working on getting it approved for up to 80lbs.)

Cosco Apex - harnesses to 65lbs, then converts to a BPB. The headrest on this one is for child's comfort only so the child will outgrow it height wise when her ears reach the top of the auto's seatback and/or headrest. As long as this seat is fully supported by the car's seatback it is not a safety issue. Basically you have to think of it as a backless booster. I hope that makes sense! :) This one also has lower top slots than the Regent.

Then there's a seat that is called the Safeguard which is supposed to be the best one out there, however it runs for over $400. I admit I've barely looked at it because it's priced right out of my market, lol. Just thought I would mention it here because you said price isn't an object.

I think that covers all the harnessed seats but if I missed any hopefully someone else will fill it in.

If you want to just go right to a regular belt-positioning booster though, I hear the Britax Parkway has great Side Impact Protection (SIP). I see that one recommended a lot.


01-31-2006, 09:29 PM
check out the safeguard car seat!!