View Full Version : 17 months old, 33.5" tall, 32lbs, need hbb w/ 5 pt harness

01-27-2006, 09:05 PM
I have 17 month old twins, the largest of whom is 33.5" tall and 32 lbs. we are using 2 britax roundabouts right/left side in the back of our toyota camry now -- we LOVE the roundabouts. as both kids are off of the growth charts, and still shooting up, we will have to find a high back booster w/ 5 pt harness before too long.

they also ride (one at a time, seat in center) in the back seat (tiny, not full back seat) of grandma's chevy truck.


I need to buy two HBB's w/ 5pt harness that will fit right/left in the short back seat of her chevy truck that are safe for the babies to ride in now, at 17 months, 29-32 lbs, 32-33.5"

I will also need to buy two HBB's w/ 5pt harness that will fit right/left in the back of my toyota camry for when they outgrow their roundabouts. ideally, these two seats will also be airplane approved.

it would be nice if i could get 4 of the same seats without compromising safety, or ease of use. training the grandparents can be challenging (even with a ph.d. have trouble remembering how to loosen the roundabout harness) so the simpler the better.

i've looked at all the web info and read the book, but still ?????

i've also tried the britax marathon in our backseat, and two of those are ENORMOUS there. we didn't get that in the first place because they won't fit R/L rear facing.

please advise!

01-28-2006, 11:07 AM
I think you will need to look at seats that harness past 40 pounds, based on their size at such a young age.

Right now the only options are the larger Britax's, including the Regent and the Cosco Apex(lancer or Alpha Elite). I don't know if the Cosco seats are FAA approved. Also you MUST have high seat backs or head rests to use the Apex.

Children should NOT be placed in a booster until they are at leat 4 years old AND wiegh 40 pounds. Plus keeping them harnessed will keep them from torchering(sp) each other.

Good news though--Britax and Fisher Price have joined forces and will be coming out with new seats some of which harness to 55 pounds. Those seats were supposed to be out at the first of the year so they should be out very soon.

Hope this helped.


01-28-2006, 01:20 PM
Bad news about FP...Now they say the new seats won't be out until Dec 2006. Rats! Why do they tease us like this????????


01-28-2006, 01:57 PM
Thanks I missed that. And for the prices of the FP---I'd go ahead and get the Britaxes.