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Spencers Mom
01-30-2006, 10:11 AM
We have an '03 Tahoo. This weekend we needed to move DS to the passenger side 2nd row so we could fold down the seats to move some furniture. When we tried to install in that position the head rest of the vehicle prevented the seat from going flush against the back of the seat. If the headrest is removeable we couldn't figure out how (atleast not in the disgusted state of mind we were in). AND I'm not sure with out the headrest if the seatback would be tall enough anyway. I'm SO upset. I assume this would also prevent the seat from being used as a booster in the Tahoo?
We had also purchased another seat for my husbands truck but we may need to take that back. We've not tried it out in his truck yet. It won't be long before DS legs are too long in the Tahoo to sit in the middle because the console is in the way. So we will have to move him to the side and the Apex apparently is not going to work for that.

What now? Suggestions???


02-01-2006, 02:41 AM
how old is he?

how much does he weigh and how tall is he?

my top pick would be the Britax Regent because of how long it goes for harnessed.

the Husky (the older version) can still be found on sale online at http://www.babylove.com


Spencers Mom
02-01-2006, 12:02 PM
Sorry, I guess I left off some of the important info. He 3, 42lbs, and about 40" tall. If I can find a Regent nearby to test in our car will the Husky fit the same? I have some reservations about the Husky since it doesn't change to a booster.

I also wanted to ask. I say on another board that you should check the date of manufacture on a seat like this. How "old" can a seat be?

02-03-2006, 06:29 PM
Hi, one thing I have seen suggested to resolve the problem of the headrest preventing a good install is by turning it around backwards. If I were you I would check the owners manual to figure out if you can take it off and/or call the dealer and see if they know. If it is removeable and you can't get it off then that's a problem that should be fixed (at least I would want it to be!).

About the Husky - It was replaced by the Regent late last year. It was basically just a name change and the cover styles changed too. It harnesses to 80lbs and one thing to remember with this seat is unlike other harnessed seats, your dc can use still use it after the tops of the shoulders go past the top harness slots. The seat is outgrown when the ears reach the top of the car seat or when the child reaches 80lbs. Kids typically outgrow the Husky/Regent between 8-11yrs old. The downside of this seat is it's very big & heavy, so not easy to move from car to car (but OK if you'll just leave it installed in one vehicle) and it's not airline approved. But then again, your dc is over 40lbs, so can safely use the airline seatbelt now anyway (according to FAA's website).


02-20-2006, 02:29 PM
The Husky/Regent is only an inch wider than the Apex, to give you a point of reference.