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03-01-2006, 08:19 PM
Hi all!

I have a 35 month old daughter who is about 36 1/2 to 37 inches and not quite 30 lbs. We have 2 marathons. Now we need to get another car seat for her for our nanny's car. Actually, we'll probably put something new in my husbands truck and put a marathon in her car. I'm so confused by options though. I would like to get something that will last longer than the marathon and hopefully cost less, although that's less of a factor.

So I'm considering a Britax Regent, an Evenflo Generations, or maybe a Recaro Young Sport. What do you all think?

For people who have the Regent, do you like it? It's only ranked a B in toddler bargains. What about the Generations? I've never even heard of the Recaro until I was reading posts out here. Does anyone know anything about crash test results or why it's not in toddler bargains?

I could really use some advice. My head is spinning from all the info and choices!



Aunt to sweet baby boy
03-01-2006, 08:56 PM
What slot is your DD using on the MA? How long do you want to keep her in a harnessed seat- to 40 lbs or past 40 lbs? If you only want to keep her in a harnessed seat i would reccomend first the Recaro and then the Evenflo.

If you want to keep her harnessed longer i would reccomend the Regent. What do you mean by lasting longer than an MA? The Evenflo and Recaro turn into BPB but the Regent does not. Depending on what slot your DD is using on the MA she could be in the Regent for another 4 years

What version BB do you have? The Recaro is a fairly new seat and that might be why it is not in your book..