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03-06-2006, 03:20 PM
My 3.5 year old 28 pound twins are currently in Britax RA and at the top of the harness slots. They just moved past the top of their slots on their comfortsports (just extra seats for occasional use) so I took it as a good time to get rid of those seats I have hated from the beginning. We would like to get 2 new seats for now as extra, and then will need seats to replace the RA in the next few months.

I have a couple questions regarind the Recaro Young Sport and Apex and one question about harness on the RA.

The RA says that it can be used as long as the top of the ears are below the seat top, but the harness will be way below their shoulders at that point, is that safe? Is that the same rule for other car seats?

The Recaro Young Sport seems to be a highly rated seat with harness height only .5 inch lower than the marathon and makes a great booster. Seems to be the only downfall is the 40lb weight limit. BUT I think this may be perfect for me, as my boys are only 28 lbs, they will not hit 40 until 6 or 7. By then the harness will be below their shoulders. Would I be able to still harness them or as soon as it is below would I use the seat belt?

I have heard conflicting reports about the Recaro harness length, some saying it is fine, others saying the belt is too short when used for a child at the top of the height and weight requirements. Thoughts?

I am open to a Decathalon or Boulevard, (not the marathon, I like the adjustable crotch strap positions in the Dec and Boulv.) if anyone can give me a good reason to go with the Britax over the Recaro? I do love my RAs and have been totally impressed with the quality. I don't need the converable aspect, so could do the Regent, but it just looks so big?? Thoughts?

I am thinking of doing Apexs for my 2nd car, I see the comments about needing a high seat back. We have an 05 Sienna and an 06 Audi s4. I couldnt' find any info in the car0 seat database, but since these are both new cars, shouldn't it be fine?

Thanks in advance for your time!

03-06-2006, 03:21 PM
Forgot to add that I tried the Radians, and could not get a tight fit in my Sienna.

03-06-2006, 07:34 PM
I'll try to get the YS owners to chime in, but there are quite a few links if you scroll down a few pages (or search...I'd dig them up, but boy it's hard to look things up when the baby will NOT stop nursing! :D)
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