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03-11-2006, 09:35 PM
We are in the process of buying a new SUV or Car. We have 3 children (newborn, 18 months, 4 year old). So we need a SUV or car that will fit 3 car seats plus still have room for groceries, strollers, etc. and be safe and comfortable for everyone. I prefer to stay away from Minivans if possible. Ant recommendations would be greatly appreciated. THANKS

03-18-2006, 10:22 AM
I guess the real question is do you want a big suv or a medium SUV. I know that some Explorers can fit 3 across the back seat and some come with a 3rd row for more seating space. We just got rid of our Tahoe and we could fit 3 across with now problems, plus some. I personally would go to several dealerships with your carseats and no children and start driving and installing. Get a babysitter and spend a day together playing with cars. I'm getting ready to do that myself and I'm personally leaning towards a GMC Envoy or a Hummer H3.

03-19-2006, 01:44 AM
Depends how big you want to go, and how much money you have to spend. Plus, besides children, will you have adults riding along regularly (family in town)?

We have a 2005 Acura MDX....love it (very sporty and reliable) except 3 across is tight without the right configuration (we have a just turned 5 yr old, 2 1/2 yr old, and may be trying again in the fall, but have a lot of practice with friends' kids) and if I use the 3rd row, can only have a single stroller (P3) not the double (Mountain Buggy Urban Double). When the 3rd row is down we can get the MBUD and P3 plus groceries easily.

We are taking a serious look at the 2007 Surburban which should be out in May. We are looking to purchase in the fall or next year (most likely next spring imo, dh I think has other ideas). It is totally redesigned from 2006. We even applied for a GM card a month ago and have been using it for everything from utilities, food, etc to get the rebate (up to $3500 off). We are huge Acura/Honda fans (loved BMW for the ride, but hated the reliablity), and each haven't owned an American made car since before our marriage. That said, my husband looked at the new Tahoe based on some upcoming reviews on the 2007 Surburban and Tahoe. The 2007 Surburban will be just like the Tahoe...but is just bigger (the Tahoe is more like the size of our MDX). He was very impressed with the fit and finish...he said it is on par if not better than our Acura in some ways. Said they did an excellent remodel. We are wondering about the reliablity, but Consumer Reports liked them I think. I like that they have side curtain airbags throughout now, he said the NAVI is easy to use, and the DVD is supposed to be integrated up front now like our MDX. The gas mileage is much better this year too. The Surburban's estimated gas mileage should be at or beat our MDX (which again, is smaller). The only thing that the MDX has so far on it (beside being easier to drive being smaller and more sporty, is the hands-free phone capability with bluetooth integrated).

I would say take a look at the new 2007 Tahoe, if you like the fit and finish, wait to see the Surburban in May if at all possible. Take the double & single strollers & carseats and try them out in both. I think the Tahoe and MDX may not give you the space you may want when the 3rd row is up. Plus, I'm a bit anxious now using the 3rd row after seeing crash pics...not much space between the back and seat. I feel the Surburban has a much bigger buffer. Now driving it, that'll be another story...it's huge! At least the back-up camera and sensors will help :)

03-26-2006, 03:28 PM
I know this is a little late in reply, but haven't been on the boards for a while...
we love love love our Honda Pilot. Gas mileage is comparable, drive is comfy, not too overwhelming in size, but it seats 8 (really). Well, I wouldn't put a grownup in the back for an extended trip, but not bad for around town (I did it myself when I was pregnant with my twins, just to check it out.) With 2nd and 3rd row split fold down seats, it's versatile. And, most importantly, I can fit 3 seats across the 2nd row. This was important, b/c my DD was only 2 when my twins were born, so she was too young to be in the 3rd row by herself. I fit 2 infant carrier seats and a RA, then 3 RA's, now 2 RA's and a Parkway.
In truth, I'm now in a pickle, because I need to upgrade DS's RA and don't know what to step up into. (I'd like the Marathon, but know that won't fit...)
anyway, hth