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04-03-2006, 06:37 PM
I am sorry if this question sounds like all the other questions out there, but I am so obsessive when it comes to buying car seats. I have read over and over all the wonderful entries on this site, but still can't make a decision about which car seats to buy. Fortunately my husband and I received a nice tax return and will be able to afford 3 car seats of our choice :) I am moving my daughter out of her graco snug ride (6 months and 16 lbs) and into her brother's evenflow triumph in my husbands car...leaving me to buy a carseat for my son. He just turned 3 and is 37 1/2 inches tall and 33 1/2lbs. In my car I just bought a decathalon for my daughter and will be needing to buy my son another car seat (his current one is going to my mom's house-Eddie Bauer 3 in 1). So after all this blabbing, do I buy 2 marathons for my son or one marathon and recaro young sport. Thinking that the young sport will be used later as a booster when he is 6 years old. If I buy the recaro I would move him into my daughter's decathalon when he hits 40Lbs and my daugher into the recaro...estimating this switch to be in 1 1 1/2. When he grows out of the marathon will he fit the recaro as a booster? I don't want to put him into a booster until age 6. Not even sure he'll make it to 6 years in the marathon, but worth trying. Is there anyone out there using the Recaro Young Sport as a booster at age 6? Should I just stick with buying 2 marathons instead? Helpppp. :) Thank you so much. Oh and we looked into the Britax Regent, just isn't going to work for us. Thank you again, Audra

04-04-2006, 09:46 AM
They are the same price, so if it works out you haven't lost anything and have got a great booster. :) Then DD would be in two Britaxes and you wouldn't have an "extra" Britax. I think I'd give it a shot with the YS in your case.

How long do you plan on keeping DD rear-facing? Since its the safest way to go and the recommendation is to keep them RF until they max out their seat, the only part of the equation I worry about is that she needs to be turned FF and go into the YS sooner than necessary b/c DS needs her MA to stay harnessed....

I also worry a bit about a 6 year old in the YS because it is VERY huggy with all its awesome side protection. If he stops using it, and goes back when he's older it might bother him, though I'm sure he'd "technically" fit. I tried my 3.5 year old (40"/37-ish lbs) DD in one and was surprised how snug it was. She liked it though, it was just a lot different than the MA and Scenera that she currently rides in.

I think the Recaro YS is an awesome seat, I want one for my DD. I just wish it harnessed longer. I think for the difference in your kid's ages and weight it could work out great though!

HTH a bit.....

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