View Full Version : Cosco seats - Apex and Alpha Omega Elite - so confused!

04-04-2006, 03:07 PM
Yowzers - this is confusing! There is a lot of discussion regarding the Apex convertible/booster from Cosco...technically the Safety 1st division of Cosco. So, can someone tell me what the deal is with these seats?

1. Is the Safety 1st Apex 65 (by Cosco) still a current model?
I found it on Amazon.com but it does not appear on the Cosco or Safety 1st website. Is it discontinued? Is it available anywhere else?

2. Is the Alpha Omega Elite (by Cosco) simply an upgrade to the Apex?

3. Does the Alpha Omega Elite have the benefit of the Apex -- high harness slots?

This question is a cross post on the BB board.

Thank you!

04-04-2006, 03:13 PM
They are SLOOOOOW to upgrade their websites, the seat is just too new. The Alpha Omega Elite is the convertible, and it's totally different from the Alpha Elite, which is the same as the Apex (but not to be confused with the Alpha Sport, which is a stripped down Alpha Omega).

So, to sum up, Alpha Omega, Alpha Omega Elite, and Alpha Sport are convertibles good from 5-80 (5-35 rearfacing harnessed, 22-40 forward facing harnessed, 30-80/100 as a booster), the Apex and Alpha Elite are 'combos' good from 22-65 harnessed, 40-100 as a booster.

And no, I have no idea WHAT they are going for with this freaky naming convention! :p
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