View Full Version : Need Help with 3 car seats in Dodge Durgano

05-18-2006, 08:18 PM
We have a 1 month old, 20 month old, and 4 year old. We are currently using a Graco Snugride, Britax Wizard, and Graco Turbo Booster in our Dodge Durgango. However, I am really not happy with the Graco Turbo Booster for my 4 year old son. He weighs approx 43 lbs and is 42 inches tall. He is constantly slipping his arms out of the seat belt and it just doesn't seem safe to me. I want to move him back to a harnessed car seat but I need one narrow enough to fit with a Snugride and Wizard in the 2nd row of a Dodge Durango. His old Britax Wizard is too wide to fit. Help!!!!! Thanks :)

05-19-2006, 08:39 AM
The Sunshine Kids Radian is very narrow and harnesses until 65 lbs. I does however have some issues with FF installation with a seat belt in certain cars. But, if you can try it, or buy from somewhere with a good return policy it would be great! Its a convertible, so maybe the baby can use it, increasing your configuration possibilities with 2 Wizards and it. It installs well with LATCH in either FF or RF. (But, the lower anchors much be discontinued at 40 or 48 lbs depending on your car.)

How much longer does the baby have in the SR, and what will the baby be using after the SR? I'm wondering if you get a narrow convertible for RF the baby (like the Cosco Scenera) if two Wizards will fit with it?? Is the 20 month old RF or FF? The Scenera is great - light, narrow, easy to use and very inexpensive, RF to 35 lbs.....

Other than the Radian, there just isn't much in the way of narrow seats that harness past 40 lbs. (Big Britaxes, Regent, Apex 65 - all pretty wide.)

There's a new, interesting combo from Safeguard called the GO. It harnessed until 60 lbs. But I'm not sure how comfy it'd be on a day to day basis. And, it requires a high seatback and top tethers. Its also easiest with lower anchors, but can be used with a seat belt. It looks really cool though. LATCH can be used with the booster mode and past 40/48 b/c the seat is so light.


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