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05-30-2006, 03:40 PM
I have a daughter who is 3years old and weighs 30lbs. My five month old will be out of her infant seat soon and will move into my older daughters Britax Marathon. I am not sure what to put my three year old in. I really don't want to invest in another carseat, but I also want her to be as safe a possible in the car. Any suggestions? What is the next step? Thanks!

05-30-2006, 04:29 PM
Is the baby outgrowing the infant seat by height, weight or both? I think that I would look into getting a new seat for the baby and leave your older child in the Marathon for at least another year or two. The Cosco Scenera is a good seat that can be used rear facing to 35 lbs. It could be a consideration for the baby. There are also alot of other seats that are not overly expensive that could work for the baby. Most convertable seats can be used rear facing to at least 30 lbs. and rear facing is safest. I hope this helps you a bit.
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05-30-2006, 04:52 PM
At 3 years/30 lbs, she's got a **lot** of time left in the Marathon. Its a much safer choice for that age and size to stay harnessed. Most kids get to 5-6 in the MA. There's really no need to boot her out of her seat quite yet. ;) MA's last for so long, they really are a good investment, not a bad plan to just get another for the baby. Plus, they are cute when they match. ;)

How old will the baby be when the current MA expires? (Six years from its date of manufacture.) I'm sure it'll expire when the youngest could still fit in it, so if she gets a new one they BOTH will get to use one for its entire lifespan. Its really $250 well spent for THAT much use.

If you don't want to buy another MA for the baby, or if money is tight, I second the Scenera 5-point. Its a great seat and only $50 (in varying colors at Target, Walmart, Kmart). It'll last your baby until she's probably 3 or 4. And, yes, it RF's for a long time (as does the MA), which is wonderful. But, when she outgrows it, you'll likely need to look for another harnessed option because she may not yet be 4.

Another option that will keep the oldest harnessed is the Cosco Apex 65 / Safety 1st Alpha ELITE (not Omega). Its a large harnessed seat that goes to 65 lbs, then becomes a nice booster. Its $130. But, again, you'll be shopping for the youngest in three years or so as that MA will be expiring. It does have a huge drawback though in that it requires your vehicle to have high headrests. Its headrest is floppy and needs to be supported. The midpoint of your child's head needs to be AT OR BELOW the vehicle's seatback.

Other "combo seats" are the Graco Cargos and the Evenflo Generations/Bolero. They harness to 40 lbs, then convert to a booster. Since she's only 30 right now, she may make it for a long time in the harness. The minimum age recommended for a seat belt booster is four. At whatever age, they really need to be mature enough to sit properly and not mess with the belts.


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05-30-2006, 05:45 PM
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06-04-2006, 03:54 PM
I agree... I would definitely go for another Marathon.