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06-01-2006, 02:15 PM
Does anyone know anything about the safety of this carseat? I have a 29" 7 month old and I am looking for a second seat for husbands car. This has higher slots and goes from rear facing to booster. Is this too good to be true?

06-02-2006, 08:41 AM
How high are the slots? I guess I thought a con was it was low like the AO's....

Generally, the 3-in-1's are too good to be true, and by the time you learn that its too late. I think the Enspira is nice RF (high weight limit allowing extended RF), fine FF (possibly short slots, kid won't last to 40 lbs, not sure?), then so-so as a booster (not so great belt guides and fit to child). So, its pretty pricey if you don't choose to use as a booster.

For a 7 month old's secondary seat, I'd totally get the Cosco Scenera 5-point for your husband's car. Its just a convertible, no booster mode. But, its only $40. Its tall for a 40 lb convertible. My DD is TALL and lasted until 3.5 in it. I'm not exactly sure of its top slot, but she's just a hair above the 2nd top slot of the MA and just past the top slot on the Scenera. Even if she had an Enspira-type seat, I am unwilling to booster her at 3.5, so we are moving her MA back and forth until I decide on a harnessed replacement. When your DD is in this position, hopefully there are more options out there! Our truck as a low seat back which eliminates a couple good options for us. grrr.

The Scenera 5-point is easy to install and use in lots of cars. Its VERY light, people who travel by air love it for that. Its pretty basic, but my DD never complained about the padding on any of the 3-4 hour trips we take every week (really).

They are easily found at Walmart (black/tan), Target (navy/light blue) and Kmart (brown). And, they are often on sale at at least one store. I like Walmart's colors best. ;)

06-02-2006, 01:59 PM
Thanks for the reply. Carseatdata.org has the top slots at 15.5 which is an inch more than the Scenara. I was going to go with the Scenera but my concern was the height of the top slot. I guess I am back to the Scenara. BTW, My 3 1/2 year old is in the Regent and we love it. She has so much room to grow in it. I also just bought the Sunshine Kids Radian for travel and dad's car, which I have heard great things about. It is on sale for $179 and free shipping at www.babycatalog.com if you are interested.

06-02-2006, 02:36 PM
Ya know, I think it must be wrong. I mentioned it in another thread recently, too.

My DD is JUST a smidge past both the top slot of the Scenera and the 2nd to top on the MA. The second to the top on the MA is listed at 15.75. There's no way the Scenera is 1.25" shorter than the 2nd to top in the other seat. Additionally, everyone complains a ton about the Comfortsport being so short, and kids outgrowing it VERY young (like less than 2 years), but I never see similar complaints of the Scenera yet they are listed with the same height.

I don't have the seat here with me, but I'll measure it when I can and email them.

That chart can clearly have mistakes and I think different people have contributed to it, so different people may measure slightly differently. Its a great guide though! But, the best idea is to use your kid to compare or to bring a tape measure. I really think the slot heights should be listed on the box right beside the weight limits. Its so frustrating!

I will measure it when I get my hands on the seat. ;)

The Radian is REALLY top-quality, I hear. Its got some install issues, but if it works, its well liked. I've heard it doesn't work great in a vehicle similar to mine, so I'm leary. The Apex won't work. And, honestly, I'm likely to get a Regent, I just have to talk myself into accepting how big it is! ;) I also want to make sure we can keep the kids side-by-side so an adult can also ride back there. Its a huge truck, so it should work. Thanks for the thumbs up, seems everyone loves the Regent!

06-02-2006, 09:21 PM
I have a Honda Pilot and I have a Marathon behind the driver's seat and the Regent behind the passenger seat. I am 5"7" medium frame and fit in the middle between them. It wouldn't be comfortable for a long drive but for around town it works. They definately won't go side by side, though.

06-03-2006, 02:19 PM
I measured the Scnera's top. I got 15". Hmmm, seems like it should be more if the 2nd top in the MA is 15.75" per the chart. Then, I measured the MA 2nd top and also got 15"! I'm just really confused!

I guess the best thing is to try your baby out and see where they sit and how much room seems left (hard to do with a baby, maybe use the oldest just for comparison?) Make sure you are getting the slot in the plastic, not the cover.

I ended up scoring a MA 50% per the deal listed on the Baby car seat board. (Amazon.) I'd been leary to buy another MA since I already have two, and no future kids. But, for that price, I snagged it. My DH doesn't complain about the MA, and its for his truck. She's tall, but I keep thinking she'll slow down b/c we are both short! If she gets to 5 in it, I'm happy. ;)

06-04-2006, 03:57 PM
some people get 15... some get 14.5... so she played it safe on the website.

even so... 1/2-1" is not worth paying double for a seat that simply put does not make a good booster at all.