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06-02-2006, 01:31 PM
Hi - I know this is repetitive -

1) Need a car seat for my three year old who is about 33 pounds - but has outgrown the Roundabout height wise. I love the RA, and am considering a Marathon - as this goes to 65 pounds. I know it is a convertable also - but it does go to a higher weight. The other Britax models are to big for my car. I also have an 8 month old who will go the RA and then thr Marathon when my daughter goes into a backless booster (eventually. Your thoughts....

2) Also need an "around town" seat for the three year old to use in our nanny's car. She is now in a Graco convertable that she is also outgrowing height wise. This will go the the 8 month old. What do you recomend - as she will only be in it for short distances (she won't need the extras of the Britax - but want something safe).


06-02-2006, 03:39 PM
I think 1) sounds great. Your baby won't last past 3 in your RA, so having an MA on hand will work for both kids!

2) The FP-Britax clone is a bit cheaper and goes to 55 lbs. Then, again, the baby can have it for the youngest. Or, a combo booster - Evenflo Generations/Bolero, Graco Cargos, etc. They harness until 40, then become boosters.

The only issue is if your DD gets to 40 before she's old/mature enough to sit in the booster mode. How old is she exactly?

The Apex 65 goes to 65 lbs, then becomes a booster, but it can't be used in cars with lower back rests. Its a good deal if it works in your car $129 at TRU. (The midpoint of the child's head must be at or below the vehicle's seat back when seated in the Apex.)

My DD has been in a huge growth spurt between 3 and 3.5, so a 40 lbs combo won't work for us. But if your DD is 33 and 3.5 or so, it might work out fine. (ie, she'll get to at least 4 or over before having to go into booster mode with the nanny).

HTH as a start! ;)