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06-05-2006, 09:02 PM
Hi! Have spent the past hour reading reviews on the boards and have a couple of questions. My youngest DD is 27mos, 29lbs and maybe 33" or so. She has an Evenflo Triumph in my car, which is fine. We need a second seat for DH's car -- something that will eventually convert to a booster and is good for airline travel (as in, fits in an airline seat and also is reasonably light). I'd like to keep this around $100 or so. My kids are fairly petite so I am not too worried about her growing out of a seat too soon. Also, this is likely our last child so I am not concerned about passing it on to a baby.

From reading the boards it seems like an Evenflo Generations or a Graco Cargo is our best bet (Generations over Bolero because somewhere I read it was better for napping?)I'm guessing the Generations seat is pretty new? It's not in my 2004 hard-copy of Toddler Bargains.

Any thoughts on these 2 seats? Others to consider?

Thanks so much! Jackie

06-05-2006, 09:46 PM
The Generations or Bolero does make a better booster than the Graco.

I'd go with either Evenflo. The recline on the Generations is really pretty minor, I've heard. I don't know that it alone isn't worth the additional $30 or so. ;) Get whatever one you like best. Their covers are slightly different, the Generations has a couple more removable pillows and such. If I recall, I like the look of the Bolero better, but the feel of the Generations....

Or, check out the Cosco Scenera 5-point. Its only a convertible, no booster. But, its only $40 or $50, really light and GREAT for travel as its just a lot "less" seat than a Generations. Even if you only get a couple years out of it, its worth it for the travel alone. Then, when its outgrown, you can look at combo or booster options. Any combo you get now may expire when she'd probably still fit in it, so buying a Scenera now might enable you to just buy *one* more seat after that. Plus, at 29 lbs, she could still rear face (The safest way to ride, and easiest for sleep) for a long time! ;) I obviously don't know if she's currently RF or FF, but I thought I'd throw that out there. ;)

06-06-2006, 08:51 AM
I agree, the Generations/Bolero does make a better booster down the road. It has open belt guides and an adjustable head rest so will booster up to the recommended 4'9" tall. I believe that the Cargo seats have a lower height limit so might not last as long. This site:
lists the pro's and con's of both seats.

We bought a Bolero for MIL's car and to use for travel. We did take it on a trip in April. It fit ok in the plane seat but the seat is a bit wide and bulky and with the adjustable headrest you can't just grab it at the top to carry it. I did find lugging it through the airport a little awkward. I found myself wishing I had brought the luggage wheels (which for some reason thought I could do without that trip. It wasn't horrible but I'm definitely going to bring the luggage cart on our next trip!) We sat with the masses, in coach, ;) and the seat fit fine, but I could not lower the one armrest (ds was in the window seat, of course). No biggy since I usually leave them up anyway. I also recommend removing the cupholder for travel since it is pretty flimsy. It's easy to take off and ds didn't miss it.

Just some things I thought you might consider. If you're traveling A Lot, then the Scenera or Graco seats might fit your needs a little better. You could always just plan on buying a dedicated booster down the road when your dd is big/tall enough (& ready) for it.



06-06-2006, 07:04 PM
Thanks so much for the advice.

>I obviously don't know if she's currently RF or FF, but I
>thought I'd throw that out there. ;)

She is currently FF - she has outgrown RF in her Triumph. She is quite leggy and the Triumph instructions say that a child has outgrown RF in that seat if their legs do not rest on the car seat and their knees are sharply bent.

I like that the Scerena is RF to 35lbs, but I'm not sure how it would save me a seat. If I get a combo now it should be good for 6 years -- she'd use it as a convertible for 3 years until she was 5, then she'd still have a good 2-3 years of use as a bpb after that -- at which point she'd be 7-8 years old and just fine in a backless booster (my 7 year old has a graco backless turbo booster and a jupiter komfort kruiser - she's fine in either.)

I was leaning toward the Graco because it's a 2nd seat and better for airline travel (grandpa is in Florida - we travel there several times a year, plus a few other places now and again). Maybe I'll check out th Scerena, too.

Thanks again to you both!


06-07-2006, 07:58 AM
You're right, it probably wouldn't "save" you a seat, unless she ends up on the small side and still needs a full booster when the combo expires. But, even a plain full booster is pretty inexpensive.

The Evenflo does make a good booster in the end, and adjusts well for tall kids.

The Graco is very nice too, especially when harnessed. Just make sure you get one with a front adjuster. They have a ton of variations, just pick the one you like best that has a front adjuster. ;) In booster mode, its issue is the closed belt guides can allow slack. But, they are optional and maybe your DD won't need them at all.


06-07-2006, 08:58 AM
She is currently FF - she has outgrown RF in her Triumph. She is quite leggy and the Triumph instructions say that a child has outgrown RF in that seat if their legs do not rest on the car seat and their knees are sharply bent.

Yeah, I noticed that on the Evenflo website in the FAQ. I also noticed it said that in Canada the seat can only be used to 22lbs r/fing, which is incorrect, they have actually changed it to 30lbs. FWIW, their instructions are outdated. Not saying you should ignore them but thought I would just put that out there. I think it's a little annoying because people might turn their kiddo's around too soon based on outdated info. I even emailed them about it (just a few days ago) but I haven 't gotten a response.