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06-24-2006, 12:28 PM
I've searched and read and my head is in a spin. I'm really confused and could use some help. Which carseats should I be looking at for my 3 y.o. twins? Ds, the heavier of the two, is almost 40lbs...I'll know heights for both of them after their 3 yr appt on Tuesday. But they've both have been in the 75%ile for height and weight. They are currently in Alpha Omegas (yeah I know; but we liked 'em :)). So which are the best and good "runner ups"...I do need to by 2. :)


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06-25-2006, 08:02 AM
Since you need an over 40 option -

Regents will last you for a LONG time if two would fit in your car. They are starting to show up on sale for around $200, maybe the new covers are coming out soon?

Cosco Apexes are nice seats that harness to 65 lbs and then become nice boosters. $120 at TRU. They do have a pretty big downside in that they MUST be used with a car that doesn't have low seatbacks. The Rule is that when seated in the Apex the midpoint of the child's head must be at or below the vehicle's seatback/headrest. This eliminates a lot of cars.

Any Big Britax would be great too. Should last them another 2-3 years. (They must be average or slightly shorter in the torso if they still fit in the AO's as I always hear that they are short seats.) If you were planning on more kids, it'd be a good option. The FP Safe Voyage EX is very similar to a MA, made by Britax with a few less bells and whistles. I just bought my 3.5 year old tall daugther another MA that was on sale. And, I'm NOT planning on more kids. I'll be thrilled to get two more years out of it. Its a great seat.

The Radian is another convertible that harnesses to 65. Its got a bit taller slots than the MA. Has some FF w/ seat belt installation problems though. Best to try before you buy as most lower anchor systems need to be discontinuted at 40 or 48 lbs depending on vehicle so you can't rely on them for a good install.

Ideally, you want them to be 4 or older before considering a booster. Buying for nearing 40 lbs, 3 year olds is tough! I've been there.

06-26-2006, 10:41 AM
Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. I want my kiddos to be harnessed for as long as possible...not ready for a booster here!

I went ahead and bought 2 Regents for my minivan which is what they ride in 90% of the time. We're looking into the Apexes for dh's car. I appreciate your explanation of how the Apex should fit...that was confusing me!

06-26-2006, 11:18 AM
There is a page in the manual that shows a graphic for the Apex's headrest issue. Someone posted a scan of it over on the baby board when the Apex first came out, user Nisi, I think? If you wanna search for it.

Its a pretty unfortunate downside as its a seat that really could fill a need for a lot of people. When my DD outgrew her seat in DH's truck, all I had to do was set her on the truck's seat to see the Apex wouldn't work. The midpoint of her head was about 3 inches below the top of the seatback (bench seat). So, I assumed the Apex would put her up at least 3" - so no go. It would have been a great option for us, too.

Glad the Regents worked! You'll be set for a long time that way.

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