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06-25-2006, 09:16 AM
I have been reading through every post and response on the planet on this one and I'm just looking for any other thoughts. My just 3 year old DS is 41 inches tall and 40 pounds (yeah big kid I know). Still loving my MA but looking for another seat that can be used for short and less frequent trips in DH's Pontiac Vibe. Wanting a harnessed booster until he can handle the responsibility of a belt booster but can't afford the Regent right now. Is the Safety 1st Apex 65 (and the cosco version) my best option? Help Help Help!

06-25-2006, 11:21 AM
For harnessing past 40 in a combo booster, the Apex is one of your only options right now.

Its pretty nice in both modes. Walmart/walmart.com recently had them on sale for right at $100. But, I've never seen one actually IN a Walmart store (granted, that's only two walmarts!). I have seen them at Toys R Us for $120.

Just make sure it works in your car. Its headrest isn't structural and needs to be supported by the vehicle. TRU should let you try it out.

The rule is that the midpoint of the child's head, when seated in an Apex, must be AT OR BELOW the vehicle's headrest/seatback. So, it won't work in most bench seats or other seats with lower backs. Wouldn't work in my husband's F-350. She might have been able to use it for a tiny while, but would quickly be too tall.

The other option is the Safegaurd GO. Its back is TOTALLY floppy, its very light. It requires a top tether and high seatbacks. Its best with lower anchors but can use a seat belt (for harnessed mode). It harnesses to 60 lbs, but the slots are only 17" which is slightly shorter than the MA. It becomes a backless booster after the harness is outgrown. Interesting for travel and when its frequently uninstalled. Probably not an ideal everyday seat, probably kinda uncomfy in some cars (because of the floppy back), but I don't know for sure. Its very interesting. I'd like to see one in person!


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