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07-07-2006, 02:39 PM
I have a quick question... would anyone here be able to tell me which fabric options on the Britax Parkway have the soft velour fabric on the "wings" or on the parts of the seat that are near the child's face?

I've been looking at Parkways in the retail stores in my area, and it seems that most places only have one fabric option, and all of them are scratchy near the face, and not the soft velour that we have on the Roundabouts. I've been checking online (like elitecarseats.com), and some of the fabrics look soft (like Brownstone, Cougar, Granite), but I want to be sure before I buy.

Long version (if you care to hear it). We have two daughters, both of whom are in Britax Roundabouts. Our youngest is 5 months old (rearfacing), and our oldest is almost four. We estimate that she probably has at least another year in the Roundabout. Her torso will most likely get too long - she's nowhere near the weight limit. However, we're the type that like to think ahead so that we can jump on bargains when they come up, so we'd done research and are fairly certain that when the oldest outgrows the Roundabout, the Parkway is the way to go. We live in an urban area, and the kids are rarely in the car as we walk almost everywhere.

However... my mother-in-law will be visiting later this summer, and she's bringing our nephew, who is almost six. He's a big six, and by his state's laws, he's not required to be in a booster. Actually, by my state's laws, neither he nor my oldest daughter are required to be in any safety seat, which boggles my mind. His parents have him in a booster in their car, but they don't want to risk damaging it or losing it in the flight baggage handling. So, his parents are sending him to visit us, and they aren't sending his booster. And trust me, I've done everything to convince them to send it, including offering to pay FedEx shipping both ways. They aren't going to budge.

Now, like I said, we live in an urban area and we simply don't drive very much. But when my nephew visits, we want to drive a lot more than usual, so that he can visit the zoo, go hiking, etc. And I don't want him in either of our vehicles without a booster. I've checked his measurements and he should fit in the Parkway, so we've been thinking about buying a Parkway earlier than our daughter needs it so that our nephew can travel safely while he's here.

However, the yucky and scratchy fabrics that I'm seeing in the stores have me questioning the Parkway entirely. If I can confirm which fabrics are soft, though, I'd feel better about buying one, even if I don't strictly need it yet. Our daughter likes the Roundabout velour fabric, and I'd like to stick with what works.

Thank you!

07-07-2006, 02:51 PM
I believe that the Brownstone, Granite, Cougar, Woodstock, and Tiffany are all velour at head area and side wings. Woodstock is denim at seat and lower back. The others are all velour. Albee baby has the cougar print on clearance for 79.99 right now. I hope this helps.

07-07-2006, 04:17 PM
We have a Parkway in Granite and it is very soft. The color is also very neutral so it will work for a boy or girl.