View Full Version : Safety 1st Apex in VW Passat Wagon?

07-20-2006, 01:16 PM
After all your advice I have decided to put my 3 yo in a Britax Regent while he is in the Honda Odessey and will get a Saftey 1st Apex (or Cosco Apex) I honestly havent figured out the difference except price.
Anyway, I have read that there are problems with the seat height in some cars. I am going to buy online because of price. Does anyone know if this seat will fit in a VW Passat Wagon?

07-20-2006, 04:40 PM
There's probably nothing different but the cover colors, I think. The height issue is that you must have high seatbacks or headrests to always be behind the child's head, since the seat doesn't have enough structure to prevent whiplash injury. I *think* a Passat would be fine to install in (Coscos are generally known for pretty good installs, though beware, the bottom edges are very sharp... they may or may not pose a denting hazard to your upholstery, so check the manual to see if a towel or seatmat is allowed and only use it if it doesn't hinder a proper installation: less than one inch of movement side to side or front to back at the belt path). Also, check your vehicle manual to see if there's a LATCH-child's- weight restriction (it's 40 pounds on some VW's).

But, long story short, I'm pretty sure it'll be fine. :)
Julie CPS Tech and mom to 3 in seats