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07-26-2006, 12:52 PM
Hi everyone and thanks for your obvious willingness to be of great help. Having spent the past few days reading previous posts, I can tell I'll get sound advice. Please forgive the seeming redundancy of the question(s)...

I'm trying to decide which carseat to buy for my DS, 2y2mo, 32#, 36-37". He is currently in an Evenflo Triumph and I have been quite happy with it. And he still has room to grow; he's got 1.5" or so to the top harness slot. But my DD is now 6mo and will grow out of her Snugride sooner rather than later. My plan is to put her in the Triumph rf and purchase a new seat for DS. I thought about the combination seats such as the Evenflo Generations or the Cosco Summit but am concerned that he will outgrow the harness before he is 4 and ready for a belt positioning booster.

So long story short, I think I'm resigned to forking over the money for a Britax but I'm having trouble deciding between the different models (Marathon, Decathlon, Boulevard, and Regent). I'm hoping someone may have more input to help me at least decide by elimination. I was able to sit DS in an '04 Wizard and an '06 Marathon and both looked comfortable, but it was just for a moment. Can anyone confirm that the seat depth looked shorter than the Triumph (the edge hit more at the back of the knee rather than the top of the calf)?

I'm driving a Chevy Silverado 1500, so another question I have is regarding the fit and placement of the seats. Currently both kids are outboard, DS ff passenger-side, DD rf driver-side. I would put her in the center, but her brother was too close and messing with her. I may have no choice as I don't know that the Triumph will fit rf without my knees hitting the dash, haven't tried it yet, has anyone any experience with these seats and this vehicle. We also have a Camry if it's totally a no-go.

And the last part of the question is when do the '07 models/covers come out? Given the current sale prices on '06 discontinued covers, will they go down any more in Aug or Sept, or will these be as low as I can expect them to go?

Whew! And thanks again.

07-27-2006, 07:37 AM
Yes, shorter seat depth on the MA(and clones) than the Triumph :(. Most kids just put their feet up on the vehicle seat once their legs get long enough, and it's fairly rare for kids to find the MA uncomfortable. This is the best price you'll find on one now ($188 at some Targets, if you are lucky... 219 for a Decathlon right now at Babyage is a good price, too). The Regent is huge, and it'd be fine, but your kids are so young, I don't think it'd be my first choice (your dd would fit in it till she's 9, but it'd expire when she's 6...and would probably still be fitting in the Marathon at that age!)
It probably won't fit next to the Triumph, though I gather that's a large truck and it *might*... I think the Triumph is very, very short front to back, so it shouldn't be a problem to have it RF behind a front seat (outboard, not in the middle).

Um... did I cover everything? I was feeding the baby and just put her down for a nap, so if I missed anything, ask again!

Julie CPS Tech and mom to 3 in seats

07-27-2006, 02:42 PM
Thanks for your quick reply...always a juggling act to get things done during naptimes!

I'm interested that the Regent wouldn't be your first choice; I had been leaning slightly toward it because it was bigger and would allow more growing room, but I guess there is the possibility of too much of a good thing. Both of my kids have been consistently measuring at the top of the charts, around 90th %ile, so they're big, but not exceptionally so.

If we assume that all four (MA,DC,BV, and Regent) will fit in the Silverado, I'm still having trouble deciding between them, and certainly between MA/DC/BV. It seems that everyone is extremely happy with whichever one they chose. How much safer is a child in a BV rather than the others? On the DC, I assume the infant body pillows are removable as the child gets older, and the adjustable crotch strap, does that mean that it can be made to fit more snugly to a smaller child then move to the larger position that is the same as the others? If that's the case, then I could probably decide between the MA vs DC based on price and cover.

I wish I could go to one store, put the seats next to one another, and have my ds sit in each one to compare!:) But alas, living in a rural area doesn't make it easy!

07-27-2006, 02:59 PM
>I'm interested that the Regent wouldn't be your first choice;
>I had been leaning slightly toward it because it was bigger
>and would allow more growing room, but I guess there is the
>possibility of too much of a good thing.

The Regents are great seats. BUT, for a child that's just barely two and 32 lbs, it might be a bit much. He might not be that comfy sleeping, as its so wide that his head might flop forward, etc. It'd be safe, just maybe not the most cozy, comfy ride.

And, since you have a younger child, thinking ahead - your DD may outgrow the Triumph anywhere from 2.5 to 3.5, its a pretty short seat (or it'll expire somewhere around then too).

So, if you get your DS a MA/DC/BV now, DD can move to it when she outgrows the Triumph, and the son gets a new Regent that the DD will also get to use eventually. Whew. If DS was an only child, and he needed a new seat, a Regent would be ok, but given you have a younger child I'd hold off on the Regent since you can pass seats down! :)

07-27-2006, 05:29 PM
The Regent also isn't the easiest seat to move to other vehicles. With older kids, you can just buy a booster for other cars, but for a 2 year old you can't do that. The Britax convertibles are easier to move.

08-01-2006, 12:34 PM
Thanks again everyone for your input. I haven't been able to get online the past few days and can see that others have had essentially the same question posted as new topics. I also appreciate the advice there.

I've decided to bite the bullet and get DS the Boulevard. I'll let you all know how it works for us!

08-01-2006, 11:48 PM
Albee Baby has the Boulevard in the mosaic pattern clearanced for 239.99.

08-02-2006, 02:02 PM
Thanks! I saw that and am all over it!