View Full Version : Please help, shopping for 2nd car seat for ds...

07-27-2006, 09:11 PM
He is 3yr 1m, weighs about 36# and is about 39". I currently have a Britax Wizard as primary seat but need to get 2nd seat for my sisters car-Chevy Monte Carlo so she can pick him up from preschool. This seat will also be used in dh's full size Chevy pickup (it has 4 doors w/full size bench in back). I've been looking at either the FP Safe Voyage Deluxe or the Sunshine Radian. Wouldn't mind the Cosco Apex but I'm concerned with the need for headrest-dh's truck doesn't have one in center of rear seat which is the only place to use the LATCH. Would appreciate comments on any of these seats/advice please! If I have to purchase online, any online stores recommended? Thanks, Patty

07-31-2006, 06:21 PM
Any of those sounds good. How much growing room does he have in the WZ? (ie, how far below the top-most strap position (they don't have "slots", right?)

I did buy my DD a second MA at 3.5. The Apex would have been a great option, but DH's truck doesn't have any headrests and it wouldn't work. :( Still mad about that. Get on the ball, Cosco.

The Apex CAN be installed outboard with the seatbelt. So, keep that in mind. After 48 lbs (some cars as low as 40) you can no longer use LATCH anyways, so seatbelts become neccessary no matter what. FF seats are generally a lot easier to install w/ seat belts than RF ones w/ seat belts. (My experiences anyways!) I actually choose seat belts over LATCH for my Marathons.

There are lots of good places online.

The Radian is a smidge taller in slots than the Britaxes, but it reportedly has some serious install issues FF with a seat belt in some cars. I'd definitely want to try before you buy.