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07-28-2006, 10:23 PM

My DS, almost 3 yo, approx 39", 39# seems to be outgrowing his Roundabout, which he's had since he outgrew the Snug Ride. What's next for him? We have 2 cars, a VW Passat (01) and a 94 Nissan Altima. He doesn't sit in the middle, b/c I have DD also, and if they were that close to each other I'd never have peace in the car.

I would prefer to buy a booster rather than trade up to a Marathon or larger carseat b/c I'd like to be able to give the booster to grandma to use in her car too, and she's not going to take the time to figure out how to install a regular carseat.

TIA for your suggestions.


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Isaiah 8.24.03
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07-29-2006, 07:04 AM
He's just *really* too young to be safe in a booster. His head is proportionately huge compared to his body, and asking one little shoulder to hold him in with the shoulderbelt, when he's so young he's likely to take the shoulderbelt OFF, is too much to ask of his spine and neck. I know it's tempting to 'graduate' a child for convenience, but it's more dangerous than saying, 'hey, run across the street by yourself to the pool and play' (from a statistical standpoint, car crashes are by far the number one cause of death and injury, but we are used to thinking car rides or safe, so we can't wrap our minds around the danger of them).

So, yes, I'm lecturing a bit ;)... but HE can't verbalize his need to not be in danger, know what I mean?

He's a big guy, but fortunately there're a few cheaper options, like the Cosco Apex/Alpha Elite and the Sunshine Kids Radian, which are both easy to install and use. The Apex even becomes a booster later, which is a nice feature (though the caveat is that it requires a headrest in the car behind it, as it doesn't have enough structure to prevent whiplash).
The Fisher Price Save Voyage Deluxe is nice, as well, you can see it at Burlington Coat Factory/Baby Depot, and possibly Babies R Us now.
Julie CPS Tech and mom to 3 in seats

07-30-2006, 02:08 PM
Thanks, Julie, I was hoping you'd reply. At what age/weight/height is it safe to transfer to a booster? I thought that it was more weight dependent than age. And Isaiah's head is defintely larger than the rest of him, you're right about that.

So you'd recommend that I go with another regular car seat for awhile and then move to a booster later? I thought that Cosco products were'nt rated that well for safety, has that changed? I thought I read the same about FP products too.

I'm hoping that if I go ahead and get another carseat it will be something that I can pass onto DD, who is 30# 32"

have any of the other manufacturers come close to Britax in terms of safety in the past couple of years? I haven't done much research on seats in awhile, but when I bought my first Roundabout in '03, Britax was rated higher than any of the others.

Thanks again for your help, I really appreciate your advice.


Mom to:
Isaiah 8.24.03
Amara 3.14.05

07-31-2006, 09:30 AM
>At what
>age/weight/height is it safe to transfer to a booster?

Four is the minumum recommendation. Under four, they just don't "get" how important it is to remain properly seated. The impulse to mess with the belt, to wiggle out of the shoulder portion, or to fall asleep (and slip out of position) is just too strong. A booster requires responsibility for a child with regard to his own safety. Its just a lot to ask.

>I thought that Cosco
>products were'nt rated that well for safety, has that changed?

The Apex is pretty well liked if it works in your car. Its all on its own in the high weight harness combo booster category. And, really, all seats must pass the same gov minimum standards. Some are more well-liked for a variety of ease-of-use, longevity and "extra safety" (EPS foam, RF tether, etc) reasons, but any seat used properly is safe. Cosco's Scenera is one of the most recommended seats over on the baby board. The Apex's big drawback is the headrest rule. Its not usable in MANY vehicles, especially truck and vans with bench seats or small cars with seats w/o headrests.

> I thought I read the same about FP products too.

Old FP's were AWESOME. They were very ahead of their time and generally loved. Great seats, sigh. Too bad they got out of the market.

New FP's are made BY BRITAX. FP doesn't have a thing to do with their design or manufacture, other than the use of their logo. The FP Safe Voyage DX is a basically a Marathon w/o some bells and whistles. Same shell, different base, different LATCH connectors, no HUGS, no built-in lockoffs, slightly lower weight limit. All in all, a stripped down MA for less money. The 55 lb weight limit is more than sufficient in most cases.

>I'm hoping that if I go ahead and get another carseat it will
>be something that I can pass onto DD, who is 30# 32"

I'd look into either a larger convertible (The 65 lb Britaxes, the FPSVD, the Sunshine Kids Radian) because you can use it now for the older child and later for the younger.

Before you know it, she'll be too big for the RA too! ;) Then, hopefully the older will be mature enough for boostering and you can see what's on the market then.