View Full Version : Best Price on a Radian?

08-17-2006, 11:12 AM
Hi All,

I'm getting really close to buying a Radian and the best price I've found is the 179.99 with no tax and free ship at Albee, does anyone know of any better prices out there? The bummer is that they don't carry the bag/backpack and we'll be using it for travel, so I'll probably order that from Target.com with a 10% AAA discount. Is this my best bet?

Also, with the Radian80 coming out, anyone think that the 65 will change in price? Up or down? I'm feeling like it will stay at the $200 price point and its bigger brother will be a little more. Are there any specs on the 80 available on line? For travel I think the 65 is for us (DS is 2.5 and 31 lbs and 37 in. tall) What does everyone else think?


:) Kristin
Mom to Theo, born 1/12/2004 in Korea ~ home forever 7/6/2004
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