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08-30-2006, 11:37 AM
Edited to add: I cross-listed this post in the Baby Bargains car seat forum and a great picture was already posted there in response.

I saw a Parkway in the Woodstock fabric on clearance online and am thinking about buying it today for my son. I did a search on here and online and can't find a picture that shows the top part close-up, though. It also seems like those on here were buying it for their daughters.

If anyone could please post a better pic of the top fabric (or at least explain how it looks better), that'd be great. I'm willing to pay the extra $10 to get the Onyx if it would be better suited for a boy, but the Woodstock looks like much more fun if it wouldn't be too girly for an older boy one day.

TIA for any help! :)