View Full Version : What matters most: harness, metal, latch or sip? Which seat for me?

09-18-2006, 12:48 PM
So I've decided I want both my year-old Britax Wizards in my minivan for my boys (18 months and 3 1/2). I used to have the Wizard in both cars for the big boy and a Trimph and Scenara for the little guy. But the Wizard works so well for naps and they're both in my car the most so I feel better with equal protection for them there. And that brings up the queston, which seat to use for whom and what new seat to get...

My oldest is 40" and 30#. Don't know the height on my youngest yet but he's 25#. I assume that I should put the big boy in the Scenara because he's bigger and the little buy in the Triumph because of the foam, etc. That seem right? They're both forward facing at this pont.

My plan is to buy a new seat for the big buy sometime soon. I've looked at the Regent, Apex, June Indy Plus, Monarch, Safeguard Go or another Wizard. What I'd love is some seat that harnesses forever like the Regent, has head and side impact protection like the Monarch, June, or Go, metal frame like the June or Go. But nobody makes that yet (darn shame). The June's got a booster with latch. The Go looks terrific but only harnesses to 60 and isn't FAA approved (what's th point of having it portable if I can't take it on the plane).

So how do I priorize the features: harness, metal frame, latch booster, or head/sip? Honestly, if Britax made some combinateion of Monarch and Regent I'd buy it in a heartbeat. Should I just see how long I can get the existing seats to last and see what gets built in the next year or so?


09-18-2006, 08:31 PM
Metal frame is nothing...the Jane' doesn't harness, the Radian isn't really any 'stronger' than a good plastic seat like the Regent. If you want safest? Honestly? Truly? Rearface as long as you can. Even a Scenera rearfacing is better than probably any seat forward facing in more types of crashes (particularly side impact, which are quite deadly).
I'd look at the Boulevard, Safeguard Seat, Radian, Regent, or Apex and go from there.

Julie CPS Tech and mom to 3 in seats