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palmetto baby
09-25-2006, 11:38 AM
I've known that the shoulders should not be above the top harness slots and the ears shouldn't be above the top of the seat, and his are not, but I hadn't known the absolute weight limit rule before last week--so now I have the sense of urgency to get new seats to replace his current Britax Advantage and Fisher Price Safe Embrace.

So, after MONTHS of dithering, I've ordered the Boulevard. I almost went with the Auburn U. Marathon (son loves Auburn U.), but felt like I really should go for the extra safety of the side impact protection if I was going to spend the extra $30 instead of the college decoration, money better spent, yadda yadda. Plus, it looked like that padding up around the head would be more nap friendly. I've also loved not having to rethread the straps (not that you have to do it that often, but still) and the Boulevard is similar to the Advantage in that regard. The seat for my car needed to be in a lap-belt only position, for the center position.

The wideness around the head area of the Marathon was also unappealing because I bought the Compass Booster a few months ago. I haven't installed it "permanently" yet, but have used it a few times. It is not a good napping booster for a smaller child--his head flops all over the place. I bought it before I read here that is not a good seat for a small child. (Granted, the harnessed Marathon and the Compass booster may not have much in common)

I really am strongly considering another harnessed seat for my son. Not really wanting to spend another $200-$300 right now, but his safety is worth it...I drive him 80 miles round trip to school on the highway every day. He is driven in my husband's car once, maybe twice, for that trip, a week. Given the miles we cover, I feel it is particularly important he be harnessed as long as possible. Since he is so small--don't you think he will be able to be in the Boulevard or equivalent for a long time? (maybe a Radian--I'm open to suggestions--even a Marathon--I'm open to any suggestions. The Radian looks appealing because it's harnessed and it looks like it doesn't have that "climbing up" into it factor that the Britaxes have.)

Anyway, meanwhile, should I go ahead and take my son out of the Safe Embrace in my husband's car (no latch--he may be getting a new car soon, but it'll probably be no latch, too) and put him in the Compass? Is he better off unharnessed in the booster than over the weight limit unharnessed? Shamefully, neither of our harnessed seats are tethered. Should I really make an effort to get tether anchors installed? I have a 1995 Buick Roadmaster station wagon--I'm not sure where you'd put an anchor, although I'm sure there's a place.

Thanks, and sorry for the long-winded post.

Edited to add
I know I should probably be looking at the Regent or something that will last longer height-wise. He's pretty short--I'm thinking the Boulevard will be lasting us a few more years--longer than it will the average 5-year-old. Am I wrong in thinking this--did I make a mistake buying it for a child his age? Would that it had been available when I got the Advantage when he was 6 months old...

Aunt to sweet baby boy
09-26-2006, 12:12 AM
I think the BV will last you a while longer because he is fairly small but since you are interested in extended harnessing i would look for a Regent. The weight limits of seats are set in stone so he can not be in the seats with a 40 lb weight limit anymore. It would be safer for him to be in a booster at this time rather than in a seat that he is to heavy for.

The seats that would potentially work for you IMHO:

Safeseat or Safeseat Go- i would do a search because i have heard the GO works best with Latch

Fisher Price- Like a MA- same height limits with 55 lb weight limit. It is like a MA without the special Britax Features.

Radian- Might work well but has installation problems in some cars so it would be best to try it out first.

Regent- your son could use this seat for years, it is low and easy to climb into.

The MA is great for napping IMHO- avi never has a problem, his head rests on the side every time.


Ilana, aka Nana to my sweet nephew Avi