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09-27-2006, 07:36 PM
DS2 has outgrown his infant car seat and so is inheriting DS1's beloved (by me, anyway!) Britax Roundabout. We bought a Britax Decathlon for DS1 to go in my car, where he spends 90-95% of his time. Now we need seats for DH's car and also the grandparents' car. I just can't stomach shelling out another $450+ for two more Britax seats, so I was considering a combo booster seat. DS is 38" tall and 33 pounds. Based on the Toddler Bargains book, I was thinking about the Evenflo Chase Comfort Touch or Graco Ultra CarGo. Any thoughts on these two (or others that might be as good or better)?

Also, do we need to be concerned about whether a combo booster seat will fit in their cars, or is fit more of an issue when a seat is rear-facing and takes up more room?

Thanks so much for the help . . . I feel like we are entering into a foreign world with these big kid car seats!!

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09-27-2006, 09:56 PM
What is your DS1's torso height? Sit him against a wall and measure from the floor to the top of his shoulders. That will help us to give a reccomendation.

The Evenflo Chase/Generations/Bolaro are all reccomended as well as the Graco. The Graco does not make a good BPB however so you will most likely have to buy another seat after that is outgrown.

I do not think that most times there is a problem with one of these seats fitting into a car, but if you are worried you could take the car/s to toys r us and try them out.

I am not sure if you have heard of it but the Cosco Serena is a great seat for your baby for another car if you need. It is RF to 35 lbs and then FF to 40, very lightweight for travel and i have heard that once you know how to install the seat it is a very easy to seat to install.


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09-28-2006, 03:09 PM
If I measured right, it's 14" from his booty to the top of his shoulders.

Here's a probably dumb question. When you say that Graco doesn't make a good BPB, what does that mean? Also, why is he likely to outgrow the Graco seat - my impression what that it would work as a booster up to 100 lbs., same as the Evenflo. Wow, I feel so clueless! Thanks for your help!

09-28-2006, 07:28 PM
The main thing is the fit of the lap/shoulderbelt isn't very good on small kids in the Cargo when it's used as a booster seat. The shoulderbelt tends to be held out in front of the child, not right on the shoulder/chest, and the 'belt guides' are kind of a pain to work with. It's also way too small go get most kids all the way out of booster seats... it'll last to maybe 50 pounds, no where near 100, and then you'll still need another booster seat later to get a kid to an age and size when they are safe in the adult seatbelt (age 8-12 depending on the kid and the car).

But as a harnessed seat, which is how you'll use it for about 2 years, the Cargo is terrific :)
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crystal vowell
09-28-2006, 08:53 PM
beware i discovered the evenflo's have a very tight crotch strap