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10-01-2006, 04:34 PM
Hello. Many thanks for the great input and link to the terrific carseatsite. Good advice makes this process a lot easier.

So here are my assumptions...

- My kids (just over 2 years apart) are a little on the heavy side so might have to swap seats earlier than average ages
- I'd prefer to have them in a harness until around age 5 (hopefully my assumption that carseat will still be "cool" to them then will hold true!)
- If not in a harness then I'd want to do a highback booster from 4-6
- We are small car people so smaller seats prefered

Here's the math I did if it helps anyone else...

DD (now nearly 3)
current: Roundabout
3-5: Marathon
6-10: backless booster #1

DS (now age 6 mo)
current: SnugRide
1-3: Roundabout
3-5: Marathon
6-10: backless #2 (the only seat we'll need a second of)

Total costs for the new purchases (MA, 2 backless): $310

My other option was....

3-4: Evenflo Generations (harnessed only - have to hand it down)
5-6: Britax Parkway
7-9: backless

1-3: Roundabout
4: Generations
5-7: Parkway
8-10: backless

Total cost (Gen, Parkway, backless) - $230

I'm going to spend the extra $80 and go with the Marathon scenario since I like the Roundabout so much already. Hopefully all the booster stuff will get better by the time I will need to buy them anyway. And, I'll keep my fingers crossed on the coolness issue!

Someone let me know if any of this qualifies me as a junior car seat nerd in training!!!

Thanks again.

10-01-2006, 07:21 PM
I hope it all works out for you! I think you'll be happy with the Marathon. My only thought about the booster though is that a high back booster offers head protection in a side impact and the backless boosters offer no head protection so that is something else to consider. But that is still a few years away, so you have plenty of time to plan for it.

As for the "coolness" factor: In our state the booster law was just changed to at least 8yrs or 4'9" so if my ds gives me any trouble I just plan on telling him it's out of my hands...it's the law, just like mommy and daddy having to wear seatbelts. I already talk to him about being safe in his "seatbelt" when putting him in his car seat, so I am hoping that some of that will sink in and it won't be a problem when he's older.

10-02-2006, 09:39 AM
Good highbacks keep getting cheaper, put away the money for a backless and by the time it has enough interest built up, you can get one, and your kids can be 70% better protected against head injury in dangerous side impact crashes. You'll love the Marathon, though (did you consider the Fisher Price Safe Voyage Deluxe? It's the same seat, a few bucks cheaper, a few features missing that aren't vital, anyway).

Cool, Shmool... mom is the authority on THE most deadly thing you can do...get in the car... seriously, it's the number one cause of death and injury, peers simply don't get any input on this one.

Julie CPS Tech and mom to 3 in seats

10-02-2006, 12:03 PM
Thanks. Yes, I rethought my notes before I came back to my post - highback is better.

We'll see how much any of this changes by the time we have to actually buy the rest. But I feel good about getting the Marathon since we'd be handing down the combo seats before we would use the highback anyway.

Now, off to cash in my CitiRewards points to buy a new carseat!

10-03-2006, 11:14 AM
I thought I would just add something about the peer presure issue. When my sister was about 6 or 7 she asked my mom why she was still in a carseat and none of her friends were. My mom told her that it was because she loved her and wanted her to be as safe as possible. My sister seemed content with that answer and when about playing. Sometimes simple answers may suffice to get you through a few more years.