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11-13-2002, 08:55 PM
I am looking for a lightweight double tandem stroller, the kind with stadium seating, not the side-by-side. I am a petite woman who will have a 20 month old and newborn by April 2003. While I don't imagine getting out too much during the first few weeks, I know I will need the stroller mostly for mall crawling and walks around my suburban neighborhood. I'm a little less worried about fitting my Fisher Price Stay-in-View carseat into it. If the backseat of the stroller is safe for a newbie, more like a 1 month old plus, I'll consider.
Love Amy

11-20-2002, 05:36 PM
I have really enjoyed my JEEP Wagoneer made by Kolcraft. It was new this fall and did not make it into the TB book. The Graco recommended in the TB book is slightly lighter (although I could not tell by lifting them) but the fact is they are all pretty heavy. My daughter was 22 months when my son was born, so I was in a simlar situation to you. I went with the JEEP because of the better features (for me) than the Graco.

1. The Wagoneer is made to put most infant seats in the back seat because it uses a strap to secure it instead of having to work with the seat's "snap-in" feature. Like you, this wasn't a requirement for me as long as the stroller had a backseat the baby could lay in safely (which he can in the JEEP). As it turns out my new baby is a real sleeper so I have used the feature a lot more than expected so I would not have to wake him up.

2. The storage in this stroller is amazing. Tons of space below both seats. Also, you can actually access it even if the back seat is completely reclined, which is puzzlingly rare. In addition it has "saddle bags" on each side of the stroller that will hold small items like keys, sippy cup, one spare diaper for each child, wipes, etc. Whatever you need to access regularly or in a hurry.

3. In addition to great snack trays for BOTH seats with cup holders (which not all strollers have) the front seat has a steering wheel and soft horn. I know it sounds silly, but my 2 year old daughter LOVES it. She "drives" us all over the mall.

4. One hand fold down is great. I had an easier time folding this stroller up than any of the others I tried in this price range.

I seriously considered the Eddie Bauer and Graco tandems, to give you an idea of my price range. I chose the JEEP over both because of the features and over the Eddie Bauer in particular because it weighs much more than both of the others.

As you can see, I have had a great experience with this stroller, so hopefully if someone has had a bad one they can balance my comments out.

Happy shopping!

mommy of 2
12-01-2002, 08:17 AM
Hi - we are in the same boat! I just gave birth to my second daughter this past October and daughter#1 was 18 months old. What a handful! I did so much research my eyes were bloodshot. Couldn't find a side-by-side that would accomodate an infant carrier so looked at tandems. Found Graco DuoGlider to be the best to accomodate my needs. Found cheapest on in Sears - mine is the EuroGraco Madeline pattern (cute blue and light green)- Graco made frame lighter but I think all the tandem double stroller are huge anyway. Trust me you'll want to be with someone the first time you go out with the stroller - just for moral support:P Has cupholders on both seats, ample storage, accomodates infant car seat. Hope this helps. By the way, I also liked the pattern - nicer than the plaids. For the money it was worth it - couldn't see myself paying so much money for the European ones. Good luck!

01-24-2003, 03:03 AM
I don't know if the Graco Duoglider is very lightweight, but I found them on clearance at the Cupertino, CA Target today for 1/2 price (that's $69.98 as opposed to the regular price of $139.99). It was for Model #7930A. My 2nd baby is due in March 2003, and this was a bargain I couldn't pass up. This stroller seems to be getting good reviews even if it's not the lightest stroller out there.

01-24-2003, 07:55 AM
I have the BabyTrend Caravan Lite and I love it. I think it steers easier than the other models out there. I don't use the carseat attachment bar. I just lay my Graco carseat in the backseat. Another plus of this stroller. The front seat fully reclines so if you are out with just one tired child they can sit in the front and your stuff can go in the back. I don't think anyone makes a light tandem stroller.