View Full Version : 2003 Combi Twin Savvy vs. 2003 Maclaren Twin Traveler

03-09-2003, 12:22 PM
I am looking at these two strollers and need a lot of help. I am not able to test-drive any strollers so I am at a disadvantage as to how these two handle. I have heard that the new Combi (model 7035) is much sturdier than previous models having a steel reinforced handle, an aluminum body, and larger 5.5 inch wheels.

I have read that the new Maclaren twin traveller's seat is made larger in the shoulder area (i guess the previous model was a bit narrow), the wheels are 4.5 inches.

Does anyone have either of these new strollers? Do you like either one better than the other? pros/cons of each. Preference for one over the other?

Thanks for your help!

Tondi G
03-09-2003, 06:13 PM
I heard the new maclaren seats are very shallow now... they widened the shoulder area and have less in the seat area! Don't know what all that is about! Of these two I would probably go with the Combi... but if you have a larger toddler you might want to look into something completely different!!!

Other options would be
Peg Aria Twin
Inglesina Twin Jet
Kidco has a new double SBS coming out
Mountain Buggy Urban Double

03-26-2003, 05:58 PM
I don't know if this post is too late. I happen to be on looking for info on double jogging/all terrain strollers and I saw this. I looked at both the Maclaren and the Combi. Neither are sold in my area so I had to travel an hour and a half west of here to check them out. Didn't get to see the Maclaren. Although the store was a dealer it didn't carry them but could special order them. According to the clerk they are not a big seller in the upstate NY area. More a NYC thing. I was already leaning toward the Combi Twin Savvy and liked it when I checked it out. I bought it and have only had it a week. My oldest will be two in three weeks and loves it. He actually sat in it the whole time we were in the zoo and didn't fight me to when I had to put him back in after looking at some of the animals. Although at this stage that may be a passing phase for him. He really enjoyed listening to the Wiggles using the acoustic canopy so that may have helped keep him in the stroller. My youngest is a little over 2 months old. It was very east to push and we had no problem getting through any doors. It was almost as light as my Peg Perego Venezia. It folds twice so it appears there wouldn't be any problem getting the Twin Savvy in the trunk of a car. Two of the reasons I leanded toward the Combi instead of the Maclaren were the Combi had baskets underneath (small) and the canopy appears to give more coverage than the Maclaren. The Combi also had cup holders, three of them.

I preferred the side by side because I had read somewhere about the tandem ones tipping with one child in and also being able to fit the stroller in a bathroom stall was another. I don't know this for a fact but I had read the side by side will fit in a handicapped stall and the tandems won't. Like I said I don't know if this is true and maybe someone else could verify that.