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04-10-2003, 12:37 PM
After breaking down to buy a double stroller to add to my other two and reading other people's posts about how many strollers they have had - it got me wondering:
How many strollers have you had?
Why so many?
What are your top picks?
What were your worst picks?

Here's my info

To date with a 2/12 year old and a 6 week old I have a had 3. A Baby Trend Snap N' Go LX, a Maclaren Vogue (single)and the recent purchase of Peg Tender Twin XL. So far, no need for a 4th that I can think of!

I've loved all my strollers and have not had to replace any of them yet even though it is tempting to get newer models (like the new Vogue for my newborn). Nothing has broken on the first 2 strollers either and they were bought in summer 2000.

Would love to hear other people's thoughts on this!

04-10-2003, 02:51 PM
1. As I mentioned earlier, I have had 12 strollers.
2. The reason I've had so many is a little complicated. The first couple of strollers I bought were of poor quality - just didn't know any better. I bought others second-hand that were better quality but only okay in real life. I then went through a few doubles, trying to find ones that worked for me. I have sold or given away several of these strollers and currently have 4 in my home, and 1 at each of my parents' homes.
3. Of the 12, my favorites were my Aprica Royale Calais (now at my mother's), Maclaren Mistral (sold it to a friend who borrowed and didn't want to give it up!), Maclaren Vogue (bought to replace Mistral), and my all-time fave - Peg Perego Pliko Sherpa Bubble. I got a good deal on it, the colors of mine are very unique - never seen another with it, it can hold both of my girls and let me give up my double stroller, great padding, folds compactly - just love it! I recently bought a Peg Venezia because I got a great deal on a floor model. I haven't used it yet because I am trying to save it for baby#3, but I love the reversible handle and the snack tray.
4. My worst pick by far was my first pick - a Kolkraft travel system. The carseat got recalled and the stroller was a squeaky piece of junk - the recline mechanism and the basket were starting to break after less than a year of use. My other terrible pick - Baby Trend Sit and Stand - it steered terribly.
P.S. The other strollers that I have had that I did not mention were a Kolkraft umbrella stroller, another Kolkraft but a reclining umbrella stroller, old Graco tandem, Kolkraft tandem, and the best tandem of the bunch, Graco DuoGlider, which I am saving for baby #3.

04-11-2003, 07:36 AM
1. large Graco Seville carraige stroller that was ok for newborn but too big and heavy later on
2. Combi Savvy Z--love it! Small, lightweight and a breeze to push
3. Combi Convenience 6610--bought this when DS was around 7 months because he wouldn't nap well in the Savvy Z. It replaced the above Graco. It reclines flat but is not as heavy. I liked it but once he was around 1 year old, he really didn't nap long in any stroller, so then used the Savvy Z always.
4. Kolcraft double umbrella--bought used as where we were living I had no use for a double but wanted one just for short walks to the park. Considering the price (both used and if bought new) I thought it was great and perfectly adequate for my needs.
5. Another Savvy Z--when I heard that they were being discontinued I bought another one so that my husband and I wouldn't fight over who gets the "good" stroller when we go out together.
6. Mothercare/Safetech double jogger--love it! When my kids turned 1 and 3 years old, the Kolcraft just wasn't doing it anymore, maybe because combined weight was over 50 lbs? This jogger has a swivel front wheel so it is so easy to push. Getting out with the kids is not the drag it used to be.

Although my husband grumbles at having 6 stollers, our needs change as our kids grow and we relocate (from city to suburbs) so I think it has been necessary. The only one I wouldn't buy again is the first Graco (they don't make it anymore anyway). The Combi Convenience would have done just fine, but you know how it is when you are a first time Mom, you want to push a carraige and stare at your baby the whole time! Also, if I had loads of money, I'd get a MacLaren or similar quality side-by-side umbrella instead of the Kolcraft just for the extra features.

04-11-2003, 09:50 AM
This is REALLY cool to hear other people's opinions - I'm learning alot! Hope more of you respond if you wish. Just for the record, I never mentioned how happy I was with all my stroller choices and would do it again. Hope the Peg was worth all the extra $ - in the long run, I love it anyways! :)

04-11-2003, 04:16 PM
I've only had one stroller - a Combi Convenience 6610 - and it was fine. I used it a lot when dd was small - I put the Graco car seat on it, and then later I used it for her naps a lot.

However, as she got older, I got more use out of my Baby Bjorn - she wanted to be carried, not pushed. Now I only use it for trips to the zoo and similar.

Now she likes the stroller again at 2 1/2 - but she'd rather push than ride. :)

04-13-2003, 09:44 PM
We have had:
A Combi Convenience 6610 which was supposed to be a "do-it-all" and ended up being a "doing-none-of-it-well". I liked it a lot more when my daughter outgrew her carrier, but even then we kept it in the garage and only used it around the neighborhood.
A snap-n-go basic model which I loved, loved, loved and I highly recommend to any new parent so they can get a feel for how they use their stroller BEFORE they go out and spend big bucks on it.
A Maclaren Techno that I loved until my daughter tipped it over (it was reclined and she stretched in her sleep). After talking to several other moms on the message board (that it had happened to also) and to Maclaren (who said it happens, deal with it) I no longer felt safe using it.
An Evenflo Featherlight that I got to replace my Techno which I am still using and LOVING 7 months later (after several International flights and miles of shopping malls).
An Instep Marathon single jogging stoller (the only brand and model available locally) to use while walking on base (we live overseas in Japan, and the military base has very little handicap access). This way we can bounce up and down the curbs without throwing my daughter around too much.
And finally a Kelty convertible which is a backpack carrier/stroller combo. We got this because we are living in Okinawa where you can never be sure when the sidewalk will end in a flight of stairs. After going to a couple of places (parks, festivals, etc.) where we were limited on where we could go by how far we wanted to carry the stoller.
Currently in my "barn" I have 4, but one is going to be donated to the local children's shelter as soon as I've gotten all my daughter's old clothes and toys together to go with it.
Of course once you reach a certain age you also get a number of toys that serve the same purpose as strollers - we also have a wagon and a trike with a pushbar!

If I could do it all over again I would get the snap'n'go then the Evenflo featherlite, I would have probably still ended up with the jogger and the convertible, but that is due more to where I live then HOW I live.

Jen in Okinawa
Mom to Noelle (almost 18 months!)

04-14-2003, 08:20 PM
Well, let's see . . .

1. A Snap-N-Go basic model. I absolutely LOVED it! We got it used from my sister-in-law, then used it through 2 kids, so it lasted through 3 babies. Absolutely a must-have for any parent of a newborn or baby still small enough to be in a carrier seat. We have since returned it to my sister-in-law.

2. A Combi Convenience stroller. We bought this one new for about $80 when it first came out. This was my husband's fave and lived in his trunk for when he had "daddy time" with the boys. It's currently in our garage.

3. A Combi Savvy bought used at a garage sale for I think $5 when I was still prego with my 1st son. I absolutely love it and still have it in my trunk to use with my 2nd son, now 19 months old.

4. A Peg Perego Venezia bought used at a garage sale for $10. Not as easy to fold or as small as the other singles, so we leave this one set up in the garage for neighborhood walks. Definitely the smoothest ride of the singles. However, we'll probably sell it in our garage sale next month since we really haven't been using it lately as the boys get older.

5. A Peg Perego Tender Twin bought as an open-box item from a company moving warehouses for $60. Liked it at first, but it barely fits into the trunk of my Saturn, and even then only if I take the canopy off the front seat. Bulky to fold, hard to steer when loaded with 2 kids, diaper bag, etc. I'm now trying to sell it to some of my friends who are preggo with their #2 children.

6. A Maclaren twin side-by-side bought at a garage sale for $30. Had a broken buckle on one of the seats, but we called Maclaren and they sent us a replacement buckle at no charge (easy to replace). This is now my husband's fave and has replaced the Combi Convenience in the trunk of his car. Our boys are now 3years and 19 months so it really works well for them to sit side-by-side and interact with each other while we're out and about. MUCH easier to steer than the Tender Twin, and has a livible size basket underneath, plus a rain hood. This one gets my vote hands down for a double.

7. A Little Tykes Wagon. Not really a stroller, but this is now the ride of choice for my guys when we do neighborhood walks, hence our anticipated sale of the Peg Perego Venezia. We were able to use it with both kids from the time my younger son was about 3 months. When he was still in a carrier seat, we would put the carrier in the rear of the wagon with the handle position hooked over the back edge of the wagon to hold it steady. My older son would sit in front.

Hope this info is helpful!


04-18-2003, 10:51 PM
1. Combi 6600 - loved it when DS was little. I used it with his Century infant seat as a travel system and it worked great. It was my main stroller until DS turned 2 and basically grew out of it (he is very tall for his age).
2. In-Step 5K jogging stroller - still use it around the neighborhood. My main complaint is that it doesn't steer very well as it has a fixed front wheel, but it does fine for what I bought it for. Now DS (almost 3) likes to walk with us, so we haven't used it too much lately.
3. Evenflo 'lite n' easy' (similar design to Combi Saavy) - bought it for travel. It was fine when DS was very little, but as he got bigger it was next to impossible to push due to the way the weight is distributed (too much on the front wheels).
4. Peg Perego Pliko Sherpa - bought it for a trip to Disney and only because I got it on clearance for $49 (floor model) -- I would definately not pay $200_ for this stroller. It's not my favorite stroller, but it has been a good choice for my DS since he is so tall. I love the 'umbrella stroller' style handles and that it folds up compactly. I may get more use out of it after baby #2 arrives since DS can stand on the back while the baby rides in the seat.
5. Kolcraft umbrella stroller - bought at a consignment sale for $5 last spring and sold it back at the same sale this past fall. It was pretty much worthless and very difficult to push due to the weight distribution and my son being so tall.
6. Graco Duo Glider - still in the box in my garage, waiting for baby #2 to arrive any time now. I do anticipate problems with it since DS is so tall and getting toward the upper weight range of 40lbs, but I got a great deal on it ($65 on clearance) and figure for the few times I'll use a double stroller, this one will do. Since it probably won't get a lot of use, I figure I can sell it when I'm done with it and make back close to what I paid for it.


04-19-2003, 02:35 AM
Too many strollers, too many options!

1. Graco Sterling Travel System in sage green! :( What was I thinking? Not only was it a "unique" color, but the stroller was 30 pounds and too bulky to use after DD was 8 months old.

2. DD was 16 months old when DS arrived. Had to have a new stroller! Ordered a Kidco Maverick SBS from babysupermall for a mere $120 and due to a random fluke received TWO! Sent one back, then DH decided that SBS was TOO WIDE for US and sold the Maverick on Ebay. BOOHOO! Should have kept the stroller and reminded DH that I would be using it and not him! :)

3. Found the Zooper Double Up on UBID for an obscene $60. Bought two thinking that I could keep one myself and give one to my pregnant cousin. She ended up getting a Duo Glider and I ended up selling the Zooper on Ebay. Tried the Double Up myself for about a month until I realized that DS (a rather large 3 month old at the time) hated looking at DD's toddler seat mounted directly above him. Didn't want to hassle with EBAY so I sent the stroller to consignment heaven.

4. Decided to try a tandem...Spotted a sit n stand at a garage sale and walked away paying $7. Let's just say that it was $7 too much. The concept was nice, but you couldn't use the basket and you couldn't steer. How often do you stroll in a straight line with no diaper bag/stuff? This stroller went to the land of EBAY, too. :(

5. Another garage sale, another $5, another stroller. This time a cheap umbrella stroller with hood for grandma's house. Works great! DSIL who has a PLIKO doesn't even bring hers anymore if she's going to grandma's!

6. Back to SBS. Saw an ad in the paper for an older Maclaren double with plenty of life left. Paid $30 for an embarassingly junky Maclaren. I LOVE IT. It is light, reclines, and is easy to use on quick errands. It doesn't have a hood or basket, but it works. Made me think about taking the plunge and buying a new Mac double.

7. At the same time I was acquiring my Mac, I also bought an Instep Utility Stroller(single) on EBAY. $10 for those days when I only had one of the kids. Has a hood, adjustable handle height, and a basket but isn't the easiest to steer. Better as a toddler stroller.

8. Took the plunge last month and bought a Mac Opus Duo on EBAY. Not as good as my junky Mac. The luxurious fabric, the bigger wheels, the wide hood, and the shopping baskets have made my lightweight stroller into a beautiful beast! :( It sits in my garage waiting for our daily walks. It pushes and rolls nicely and both children are comfy. As for my SUV, it currently contains my junky Mac double and my Instep single. I'm always looking for a great deal on something different! (I let a used Pliko get away for under $40) Thanks for letting me stroll down memory lane!

mom to Katie (12/02/00)
and Jack (4/16/02)